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Why was my description deleted?


I had typed a really well thought out and long description for my gig, and it had less characters than the limit, but when I clicked save and continue for the requirements section, it took me back to the description page and deleted all my description! It just said I had to do less than 1200 characters, when I definitely had! This has happened twice now, and it’s really upsetting me because it took me ages to write those descriptions. :frowning:


I don’t know the answer, you might need to ask Customer Support. What I can advise is to always copy what you write anything long on the internet. Paste it into a text editor before hitting submit or save or send. It’s a critical best practice online. Good luck.


Thank you! I appreciate any help, and definitely in the future, I will always save any long work to my computer. Thanks again, much appreciated!