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Why was my gig denied? It is NOT illegal, and there are other sellers offering the same service


My gig offered 5000 targeted Facebook User IDs (UIDs). I gather them through a totally white-hat (non-scraping) method. And I offer the SAME service as several other sellers such as:

It appears to me that those sellers and I are all using the same method to acquire the UIDs. However, my gig description differs somewhat from the other sellers’ descriptions.

Please restore my gig to the Fiverr marketplace. If you choose NOT to do so, please tell me why MY gig was denied while allowing the other sellers’ gigs to remain on Fiverr. Thank you.

Sheriff’s Note: The Forum is not replacement for Customer Support, and calling out other users is not allowed. You need to contact the Customer Support team to resolve this issue with them.


Perhaps one of the Fiverr editors is a “Seer” (like in that one movie where they stop those crimes before they happen, thanks to those psychic women locked in those water tanks. By choice! I think? They never really spoke so, it was real unclear. Am I still typing?) – so, like one of them and foresaw that you would achieve immeasurable success in an unheard of amount of time, and would then use your still-immature position of power to wreck havoc on the SM (that’s SOCIAL MEDIA) community.

What? You’re welcome for the reply!


@Sheriff: Thanks for letting me know how to attempt to resolve this matter. I have contacted Customer Support.


So, in case the metaphor has gone undetected, here’s a more literal translation.

The more and more gigs of these we see (and the promotions spawned thereof) the QUICKER they will lose their value. Think about it. Why do people want followers, fans, likes, etc? Because they can’t be bought. But they can? But THEY don’t know it? THEY’RE catching on. With “the quickness”, it seems. So, sure, go and promote your services for the world to see. That’s the dude that’s certain the elevator will hold “just one more.”



It’s because you’re selling personal information. Which is against the Fiverr TOS.

Any personal information is not allowed.