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Why was my gig denied, others are doing it and they even have 4 reviews?

So I made a gig on solving math problems but G1-G10 Math problems, before I even created a gig I searched for “I will solve your math problems” in fiverr, and guess what?

There’s a ton of people doing it AND one of them has 4 reviews, so with this info in mind, I thought that it’d be safe from my gig being denied since others are doing it + alot of them have reviews and aren’t denied

When I finished my gig, it got denied, I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but I double checked if my gig was similar to others of “I will solve your math problems” so I clicked on “I will solve trigonometry, calculus, and other math problems” I don’t remember but something along those lines I checked, and it was almost the exact same thing but mine was only G1-G10 Math while his/her is trigonometry, calculus and math problems.


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I’d assume its because it can be used to help students cheat. They don’t allow fraudulent or academic gigs

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Then why are there other gigs that were approved? Like the “I will solve trigonometry, calclulus, math problems” with 4 reviews, and all of them having 5 stars WHILE it being approved by fiverr and other more gigs that were approved with similar services, where these “similar services” are solving math problems

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Fiverr is removing such gigs.

If you type “maths gig denied” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.