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Why was my gig suspended?


This was my first fiverr gig, and I was starting to get a LOT of orders. In the past 3-4 days, I’ve probably had about 50 orders, and I’ve delivered 17, I think. I’ve only gotten positive reviews, my approval rating was 100%. Is it possible I got a bad review and was never alerted or something?

I got a notification from Fiverr saying that my image was either not the correct size, not high quality, or was infringing copyright. I did not infringe copyright, all images were original and created by me- and they were definitely high quality .jpeg files. As for the size, I’m assuming it was the right size because it allowed me post it like that when I first created the gig, and it allowed me to KEEP the size up until now.

I’m really concerned about it because I was doing really well, and now I’m losing income because I can’t accept anymore orders! I’ve contacted fiverr with no response, and I’ve googled the issue, only to see that it can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 months to reactivate the gig. If I knew what the problem was, I’d fix it! Can anybody help me?


I think you may have answered your own question.

skadoobie said: I got a notification from Fiverr saying that my image was either not the correct size, not high quality, or was infringing copyright.

This sounds like a mistake. Please head over to Customer Support, I'm sure they'll be happy to help you.




I had trouble with one of my gigs when I started out, the image kept getting refused, and I redid it several times before it got accepted - I think in the end it was either because it featured lettering (I was advertising graphic design so I had a picture of an illuminated letter) or because it was on a white background. Could it be one of those problems with yours? If not, as Oz says, get onto customer support, I had to report a bug last month and they were brilliant, really friendly and helpful. I hope you get it sorted out, good luck, it’s worth persevering!

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I can empathize here…I had a disaster just before Christmas and I’m sad to say it must be taking the tech team a lot of effort to fix it…my gig just disappeared - along with 115 positive votes and all my hard earned feedback - I was going ‘great guns’ and had only been on the site for one month. I put my heart and soul into it and then suddenly - nothing. I waited patiently at first, then asked if I could post a temporary gig - got no reply so |I did it anyway - I got more orders within 3 hours of posting it but sadly people cannot see my rating or my reviews…I write to customer support every other day for an update but I guess they are inundated. I really hope you get yours sorted soon - I know just how you feel - it’s so frustrating. Good luck - has anyone else experienced this? I gave up my part time job to concentrate on Fiverr - I am still hopeful I can be a featured, top rated seller at some point. Crossing everything!! :slight_smile:


Yes, contact Fiverr Seller Support ASAP to confirm what the issue is and correct it :slight_smile: