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Why was my video removed?

Why was my video removed? I used my own photos and freely available music. What’s the deal? Who do I contact to rectify? Thanks.


You always will get a reason why your video was removed check for notification if you did not contact CS they will better help you in this matter


Perhaps you can define what you mean by “freely available music”. Most music is NOT “freely available”, just because it can be found online. You usually need a license to use someone else’s music.

True and lets say if it’s a royalty free music plus free to use commercially then still it can cause problem.

Real example
The artist who created that music give it to the people to use it freely. These artists are working for specific YouTube channel and websites where they create so many musics and songs to give free.
It’s a good way to reach so many people and showcase your talent so WIN WIN situation.

The problem comes when that same artist sign that music to some label like Sony or ABC now when you get claim that claim will be from that label and not from first platform where you got that song.