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Why was order cancelled after I completed the gig?

I am just gloomy down here… Just received a notification some minutes ago that order was cancelled and the money refunded to a buyer who ordered my gig about 23 days ago and even left a 5 star review.

The order was cancelled for no reason and this is one gig I really worked my self out adding products variations and all that.

How is that possible and what could normally go wrong? This is quite discouraging.

It could be the infamous PayPal chargeback. The buyer initiated the cancellation with PayPal. My suggestion is to contact Fiverr customer support if you have done your job well. They’ve been known to return the funds to your account if the fault wasn’t on your side.


Once happened with me…client was happy with delivery but requested for change, while I was doing the changes order got canceled all of sudden. Also I was not able to contact client as his profile got disable.

But client came back after some time it was some issue with his card from PayPal. Then he asked again for delivery and I got payment. Do not loose hope my friend. It must be PayPal chargeback.

Really? I have never heard of that happening…

Hi! Please don’t be disheartened and as @maedan suggested, please contact CS and they might be able to do something for you.

23 days is a heck of a long time. I think they need to have a system wherein the charge back is only possible, if done within 3 days of order completion… But there is not much Fiverr can do because it is according to the terms and rules laid out by Paypal. Even if there was a way to reduce the charge back window to 3 days, it is not the ideal situation. It would be great if the seller’s hard work and pay is not in jeopardy.
How nice would it be if Paypal and other service related websites that process online payments were to come together and design a policy which can prevent scammers and cheaters from stealing sellers’ work and hard earned money by exploiting the charge back “loophole”. I can only hope that it happens in the near future. :pray:

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Read this :eyes:
Fiverr CS returned all 9 chargebacks


Yes, I forgot - that was the one time I have heard of it happening, You’re right.
1 seller, 1 time. Unless there’s more that we don’t know of :grey_question:

Maybe because it was such a large number at one time…

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I have read several (at least from 10 different sellers) posts in the forum in the last 2 days alone… about their order being cancelled or charged back despite there being no mistake on their side… and of people being cheated of their money (despite their hard work) by scamming buyers and fraudsters… who use the charge back option only to take advantage of that “loophole”, and avail professional services on fiver, free of cost. I don’t know what you mean.

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Although they seem to appear quite frequently on the forum, and I feel really sorry for any seller this happens to, I think the percentage of transactions which are then reversed must be quite small.

There are many orders which go smoothly, but we’ll never hear about them, because that’s what we expect to happen every time, so it’s human nature to tell others about it on here when it goes wrong.

Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but I’ve completed over 600 orders and not had a chargeback yet - touch wood, fingers crossed, all that malarkey. :crossed_fingers:


This has happened to me a several times, even after positive reviews of my service, and I received no compensation, in any way – after approaching CS.

I just feel there’s no benefit of giving seller’s an unrealistic hope of being compensated, after a paypal charge back - ultimately fiverr would lose money that way.


That’s wonderful to hear! I think instances where people had a bad experience (refunds/cancellations/charge-backs) are more publicized and tends to garner more attention than instances where people have had a wonderful experience (like in your case). Congrats to you, and I hope that your endeavors remain successful in the future as well.


I totally agree with your point. The main reason I got interested in this thread was because- this is one of the few times where I have read of people having got their money back.

when you earlier said

I thought you were referring to the OP’s experience with a potential scammer taking advantage of the charge back feature. my bad lol :man_facepalming:


Oh lol okay! Gotya!! No probs :slight_smile:


I got my order cancelled after almost 3 months of completion i submitted it in August and got the order cancelled in October. But fiverr compensated the money for it.
There isn’t any specific time defined by fiverr in which u can cancel order…

Very sad. Did you you contact with the support team?

Nope … not really as I got by compensation from fiverr there wasn’t any need. My order rate wasn’t effected just my review and completed orders got reduced…