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Why was this flagged?

I have an order due within the next couple days and asked a simple question to my buyer so that I can wrap it up and deliver it. How am I meant to deliver on time if Fiverr holds my message hostage for 24 hours? What caused it to be flagged?

Because of the “up work”. I don’t think it’s going to be a problem.


Rephrase without “up work” and resend, so you won’t have to wait 24 hours, they’ll wave the message through, once they checked it but if your delivery is due, you might run out of time.

humanissocial, you might not have been on the forum, when we had the “papaya incident” :wink: papaya is on the black list because of pay, so I agree with vovka that it’s “up work”.

To be doubly sure, you could drop “chats” as well lol.


Thanks, sorry I actually misread and didn’t see that phrase. Yeah I’ve been flagged for weird things, too. I can understand the rationale, but MAN it’s annoying.


T’is fer sure. And so are the well-meant advices to write in a weird way to dupe the filter :wink: I usually go with using the “forbidden words” instead of writing 4ll kewl. But if time is of the essence, desperate measures might be needed. In this case though, the fix seems easy.
But you first need to get that “up work”, or “papaya”, is a forbidden word, of course, to be able to fix it. :slight_smile:

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Is that what it is? :roll_eyes: Goodness. Thanks for the replies, but still… who’s dumb enough to try to get an active buyer to go to another website? :joy:

You would be surprised how often this happens and then the seller comes to the Forum wondering why they got in trouble.


I learned what I needed to learn within 20 minutes of posting this, and now this information can be further disseminated into the community. Other than your naysaying, it’s been a win-win for me.


I want to point out that it looks like the “naysayer’s” post was removed and that part of your comment was not aimed at my comment. :wink:

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Whoopsies. I replied via email, so I didn’t realize it was replying directly to you! My apologies!