Why was this rejected.?


This is stupid … I thought it was clear and then got a “generic” rejection message. Could someone help with this … its a simple problem but I don’t need to spend three days jumping through hoops.

I have a list of US Zipcodes and want to gather about ~250 address for each address. I don’t want any Apt # addresses. Delivery is a .csv/Excel/Sheets file. Input: zipcode 01373

An example of the output is:
113 Christian Ln South Deerfield MA 01373
243 Long Plain Rd South Deerfield MA 01373
249 River Rd South Deerfield MA 01373

Right now, I just go to home.com under their home values and it gives me 50 addresses for a particular zip code. Total is less than 65 zip codes as I have a bunch of them already. I figured if you automated it then it would be easy to add additional entries. I assume pricing is per zip code or by entry. I’ll end up validating all of these entries through Google Maps API.


I think it’s yours :wink: