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Why was this request not approved?

I posted the following request and it was not approved. I can’t see why in the ToS etc, any ideas what’s wrong with this request?

“Videographer in Southern California (Victorville). I have a client that needs some professional video shot in a Victorville facility. Some will be to-camera testimonial, some will be installing equipment and some will be capturing the fit out of the building over a number of weeks. So several visits over that time. Don’t need much editing, raw footage is fine.”

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Hi there!

You’re asking for somebody to come and physically do something in a geographic location. Fiverr’s not really the best platform for that - it’s designed for services which can be delivered via the internet regardless of the seller’s location.

Perhaps a local classified advert would be more suitable?


Maybe the person doing the checking thought

meant the person adding the request was the videographer, and that it was self-promotion.
Saying “I’m looking for a …” first might have helped.

There might have been a problem with the word “testimonial”. Fiverr removed a lot of testimonial gigs in 2017 I think.

Thank you, much appreciated, I’ve reworded it and will see what happens.

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Understood, thanks - I know Fiverr’s not the best platform, but I thought I’d give it a go. Appreciate your help.

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I understand that now fiverr does not allow testimonials.

This is the main reason.

Also meeting the client in person is probably not allowed.

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