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Why watermark on final image and How to remove that?

(A message from seller to buyer)

You guys always misunderstand seller about watermark issue but that’s not generate from seller. seller submit final image on order delivery and fiverr generate a watermark. watermark image is just to check/ensure is everything ok or need for modification. then you can call modification or if everything looks perfect just mark complete order and post you review…

After mark complete order watermark will removed automatically. and you will get permit to download final image and source file. 

There have no chance for frustration because you’re on world biggest marketplace.So stay close with fiverr and gain your service with best opportunity and certainty.

post your comments if you think this post is helpful to you and fell free to ask me if you have any other question. HAPPY FIVERRING :slight_smile:

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You can contact to customer support about this issue hope they will understand and solve it.


do you read detail discretion ?


thanks for your help arif


i think its Automatically remove when buyer accepting order. then the images show after that without water mark…


yes that watermark from fiverr


So I downloaded the files of the first two logos while the 3rd is still in edit, therefore order not agreed upon in whole.

Must I wait until doing so to remove the marks from the 1st two which I like? Even though seller shared the source file with me? What a pain.

If I agree, I doubt he will continue working on the 3rd logo, if even able to send it to me?

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The seller should deliver the order fully not in small parts, so its the seller’s fault.

Btw, please create your own post next time, this post is about a year old!

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Sorry - 1st quick visit to the forum brought by this thread as result of search. Not his fault I’m in such a time crunch. We’ve ironed out the 1st two and I need one of them in complete original format to print business cards NOW. He’s still working out the 3rd, which is the same, but with business name to the right as a website banner vs. logo. We’re close, I’m just out of time, so might have to accept as is and probably get screwed out of getting my banner logo which was paid for and agreed upon but not delivered due to time constraints. =P

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You have right to cancel thr order if the buyer failed to deliver as expected or the quality is not that good. Even after 12 days from delivering the order!

I suggest to check if the logo is not stolen by using chrom browser and right click on the logo and select google image search. I had this many times where some buyers just steal the logo from the internet!

Good luck


@ashrafsanvi Slow your roll.

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@emaillistseller did not read the full post attentively. ha ah

I have a completed order from seller, however Fiverr watermark is still on all logo png and jpg???

In this case, you can contact fiverr support. As after the completion of order, watermarks removed by fiverr. *(According to policy)

Contact your seller, ask to remove Water mark option in the gig.

when you complete order it automatically remove that watermark and also get files from seller
if it is in image not done using fiverr