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Why we choose fiverr?


Gig is the most important things on fiverr.

  1. We add gig in the fiverr for getting in touch with fiverr
  2. The review is the most important to getting job
  3. When we finished a job very well then the buyers give you review
  4. So we finished job very well
  5. If we don’t finished job in time then our buyers don’t give us review
  6. So we must be concern for our job


Well, I couldn’t help but argue with most of your points :smiley:

  1. we don’t add gigs to get in touch with fiverr, we add gigs to get in touch with potential clients that come from outside of fiverr

  2. the review is important, but not the most important for getting a job; people get jobs even when they don’t have reviews, many buyers purchase without looking at the reviews, as long as their gigs are in demand and of high quality; every seller on Fiverr has started with 0 reviews, and slowly built many reviews, which means reviews are not the most important to get a job, but rather the quality of your services and the type of service you choose to offer, whether they are in demand, etc.

  3. I’ve finished many jobs really well, and buyers still didn’t leave a review even though they were happy and thanked me - 40% of my clients haven’t left a review, mostly because it’s not a 1-step easy process like it used to be in the past; buyers now have to choose stars for several different things related to your gig & their experience with you, they may also have to send private feedback to Fiverr… not to mention that many just grab the files and forget about the seller :smiley:

  4. if we don’t finish a job on time, the buyer can cancel the order due to a late delivery; but here’s where the seller comes in: the seller can politely explain the buyer why they couldn’t deliver on time, the seller can even request a time extension which many buyers agree with, and ultimately a late delivered job can still get a review, yes, even a positive review

  5. why do “we must be concerned” for our job? you haven’t explained why… all your previous points were on the positive side, then you wrote that last one in a negative tone, that we must be concerned :thinking: it’s true, freelancing has its ups and downs, it can work out or not, you may have jobs one week and the other week not a single job, the competition is growing like crazy, always racing against hundreds/thousands/tenths of thousands of gigs similar to yours, so yes, freelancing is not a safe job for many because of all these factors that they cannot control