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Why we have not getting order

hi everyone i have not getting any order so there have any person who are worried about that problem.
so whos worried about that then contact me and discuss about that.


You are not probably getting order because stats with GIS/profile are going down. You need to make improvements e.g. change descriptions, tags, title information and be online all the time.

hello How many day come to Fiverr

Promote your gig every day on social media networks
Send the buyer requests (10)
Stay online with your account


Me pasa igual que a ti. Han bajado mis vistas y no se si hacerle mejoras a mi Gigs

De hecho, no he tenido mi primer cliente

Yes I have the person, I didn’t get any buyer order. Recently, I am very much troubled for my gigs. First one My dextop computer shown response time for an hour but anroid mobile shown that nil or zero. Another one, my profile shown report tag. How can be covered those types issues. Please help me.

you can buyer request send daily and share your gig social media

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you do the change your tagline and description or also share your gigs on social media. best of luck

ok thankyou sir

well i have a account from 2017 and am active on fiverr like 3 to 4 month

bro well i dont know about that issus

thankyou for your time …

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Thank you. Nice to getting touch.

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welcome for reply. best of luck

Please, send 10 buyer requests daily. share your gig on social media. also, you have to online on Fiverr your account over an hour per day.

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Thanks dear for your advice. I have been used Facebook, Twitter and post my gigs url.

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