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Why We (I) Hate Messages

This is an actual conversation, I’m publishing it verbatim:

My name is Rick. We (my team and I) are an up and coming production company and even though we have all these amazing ideas of things we want to do, one thing we cannot figure out or agree on is a name for the actual company itself. We can across your profile here on fiverr and were hoping you might be able to help us out. We have names or our podcast, or songs, videos, movies, etc. We just can’t think of a company name that would fit us, be something new, but catchy, and would be able to have a good logo to go with it. We can send you any information about ourselves you think would be helpful for you to come up with the perfect company name for us. Any questions you have please ask away. Hope to hear from you soon!


  • Rick

You need a brand name for what? Just order and give CLEAR instructions.

Before we place an order we prefer to have clear communication between both parties because we have paid for service in the past and had poor results. We’d like to make sure everyone is on the same page before we finalize an order.


  • Rick


Okay, are you always this aggressive and rude with your customers? Might want to rethink your approach if you plan to continue getting any business.

And, if you actually read the first message, you’d see exactly what we are looking for. But we’ll take our business elsewhere.

I am actually being nice, but instead of following instructions, you wrote “Before we place an order we prefer to have clear communication between both parties because we have paid for service in the past and had poor results. We’d like to make sure everyone is on the same page before we finalize an order.”

So what was I supposed to say?

“Wonderful! I can’t wait for you to ask any questions you may have.”

First of all, not the first message we sent. Second, we’re all set. We’ll work with someone else.

Fine, take your business elsewhere. And thanks for wasting my time, I hope others do the same to you. Bye.

We’ve filed a report with Fiverr with your actions as my employees feel threatened by your response. Do not contact my employees again.

SERIOUSLY? You feel threatened by that?


I hate the daily:

“we are the best company in the world blah blah blah… But will send message after message without actually saying what we do (because really we don’t know) and by the way, here’s a link to our website where if you read every page and download this 20 page pdf about us, you’ll get a good understanding of who we are etc etc.”

Okay, and you want???

In this case, I just say “no, sorry” and get rid of them asap.

Here, though, you are a bit unlucky as it seems like you have bumped into the trigger happy about being triggered crowd. In this case, they will likely set up some kind of nationwide petition to have you called out as the rudest man on Earth and exiled to a political correctness re-education camp tutored my Catlin Jenner.

Your best hope is that the people you have made feel threatened simply run ecstatically into the middle of a freeway at some point while playing Pokemon Go.

Thank you, I’m glad a moderator agrees with me :slight_smile:

I think some people want red tape on purpose. Perhaps I should play the same game.

“OK sir, I have uploaded a questionnaire for you to answer. Or you can just order right away.”

In our world, just being truthful and honest and blunt won’t do - you will have to come across as nice, politically correct, with a big smile on your face. This is just the reality of our world. Remember the people you are dealing with are overgrown children, sensitive souls who have never suffered a serious setback in life. It’s not worth risking your livelihood on Fiverr by making them upset. Just say, “Hi, sorry, wish I could do your work, but I’m really busy.” and be done with it.

I would have said this:

I would like to find a name you love for your company and agree that great communication is important. With that in mind I request you tell me in detail exactly what your company does to start the ball rolling. Based on your reply I can send a custom order.

Then send one for $200.

I agree he is a pain and could have just said “I need a name for our company. We sell dogfood.” If he had said this I would have sent him a custom offer for $35.

Yeah his first question should have been asking what the company actually does? That would have solved all the hassle and he probably would have got a sale out of it, I mean it’s not hard using a random business name generator, LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:

I too feel little rude behavior from your side …I think the buyer was little pampered in the real life to handle any direct talk …How can be any buyer be so threatened by the direct communication that he is going to take an action for it…it is like someone will be going to file an FIR just because you are straight forward and to the point…

I totally agree with @writer99025 that being Direct, truthful and honest won’t do in today’s world…The buyer already mentioned that he wants a perfect company name…I know that you are asking all about the company details but then it must be asked with little politeness…as every person is not the same and we have to manage our communications with the buyer based on our understandings…

Buyers expect sugarcoat everything we say…Instead of giving too much instructions on every questions…The buyer must talk about the project…but may be the buyer was too curious because he already mentioned that he had a bad experience before…so may be little protective this time…Also The buyer behaves so dramatically at the end…

@fastcopywriter Why on the earth, one can demand clear communication without feeling the need of filling up the clear instructions. I mean customer care is important but why do buyer expect the seller to spend an hour of time before they actually order. Time is money.
@writer99025 It is good that actually I deal with kids (read students) and professors only. I have to be blunt many a times to the point that I suggest them to take their task to the other seller because the model they want, is not hypothetically correct. I tell them whatever you say I understand but how on earth I am supposed to carry some estimations which are not correct. In the end, I do it my way. They like the results.

@divyagoel In fact I am guilty of enjoying being pampered by my buyers. Now I realised why the seniors told that academics is the best job.

Many buyers with a difficult request.

We must together buyers with a simple request.

Buyers with a difficult request will give ratings to the bottom and make the business down

okay clearly you where just rude, that could be because you get a lot of business and you do not really need his dollars. In my world the customer is always right and I apply that here on fiverr

Customer is not necessarily true, especially new customers.

You’ll feel it if they have worked here.

There was a time no money

No, customer is not always right. They are also human like you and me.

What customers? Weren’t you whining about having no customers lately?

When a buyer asks “So, what can you do for me?” or “How should we proceed?” or “How much is this gonna cost?” (without giving any information about how many words they need) or “What do you need from me to get started?” I get pretty annoyed. These are ridiculous, business-school questions.

Why do some buyers assume that we all want to sent twenty messages back and forth before they place an order? I get wanting to make sure there’s a good fit, but putting the onus of “asking questions” onto the seller is just silly. I wouldn’t have a single question for that buyer that contacted you. Why would I? They went on a very generic spiel about their business and then basically said, “Okay, let me know if you have any questions!” Seriously? Just order and tell me what your business is about.

I think you’re letting past experiences with buyers affect your future ones. You may not want a big back and forth before a buyer orders but a buyer new to your services won’t realise this and, for me, your responses come across jaded more than anything.

I’d have simply replied to the first message with an action ultimatum, something like

"Hi Rick,

Thanks for getting in touch. I’d love to help you in regards to naming your business. Simply place your order to get started. After your order is placed, you will be met with multiple questions to which your answers can help me devise the best possible name for your business.

Fast Copy Writer"

You need to consider the buyer in this scenario. They are looking to name their ‘baby’, an entity which probably means a lot to them and then want to make sure they are selecting the best possible person for the job.They are also probably not as familiar with Fiverr as you are, so may be unsure of the process of ordering, or your own personal work process when it comes to their order. Sure, you don’t want all of the back and forth but one reply atleast should be granted - you are a TRS after all.

Thanks for your tips!

“I have a project. Here are 20 millions files, most of them huge. Could you take a look over them and tell me if you’d like to work with me, your timeframe and how much it will cost?”

No, I’m going to send you an irritatingly vague message back.

“I need my content for my website. Kindly look at this blank template website and tell me how much it will cost. I need the content tomorrow but I haven’t decided how many pages the website is going to be yet. Maybe you could use your ‘expertise’ to advise me on what pages my website should have? Also, please write a sample homepage for my website so I can see that you are a native English speaker like you claim to be, because your nearly two thousand positive reviews and very clear responses to my previous questions aren’t proof enough for me.”

Nah, bro. Nah.

I like to send custom orders and often large ones when the potential buyer does this and I often am surprised when they accept it. I make sure the offer is large enough that I can put up with some difficult messages.

No, not the blank websites! They give me 'Nam flashbacks!