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Why we read Gig description is it importent for us?

Always read the gig description thoroughly. A lot of seller give clear instructions on what is included in the gig. In a lot of cases there is an option to order Gig Extras. Some sellers demand you contact them first to discuss your wishes before ordering a gig. Keep in mind that Fiverr sellers also run their business and that rating and reviews are important to them as well. If they need to cancel an order because they can’t fulfill your demand that will cost them statistics because every action will be monitored by Fiverr.

Why did you put this in Tips for Sellers?

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this is really tips for buyers

I agree. It is important to go through a gig description and if possible contact the seller to discuss work and other details. It will not just be beneficial for the buyer but it will also be convenient for the seller as well.

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