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Why when i sell something at fiverr only 4$ come to me

Explain me someone

This is perfectly normal, Fiverr takes a 20% commission.

5 = 4

10 = 8

25 = 20

65 = 52

Why? Because this is a business, and they have bills to pay. Fiverr’s competitors also charge commission, some of them even charge memberships.

fiverr charge $1 from each $5 that mean 20% present they charge as there service fees

Fiverr Charge $1 for each order ($5). 20% Commission

If you didn’t know that, you probably don’t know that Fiverr also takes an extra 10% from the buyer. On a standard gig the buyer pays $5.50 - you get $4, and Fiverr gets $1.50. I only say this because I didn’t know at first, and I think I lost a couple of sales because I would quote a price, and then the person would go to check out and see Fiverr adding on 10% more.

It sounds like a lot, but they’re connecting you with clients and they maintain a pretty safe structure for you to do business within. If you don’t want to pay a commission, go find your own clients :slight_smile:

hard to understand we are living in the same world.

you get only 80% from the earnings. the rest 20% is taken by Fiverr as a cost of the platform you are using to sell your services. consider it the rent of your store you pay to sell you services