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Why? why? why? frustrated beyond the point of tolerence

I don’t understand this!! Not at all!!

After researching for weeks, finding out every tags and every single way of ensuring full on seo, and then drafting my gig on pen and paper, i finally uploaded all my gigs!! I ensured all the gigs that professional title, photos and videos, spent hours making those videos. And now i see that i cannot find my gig anywhere in the search list!! Why is this happening?This is so frustrating? Can someone shed any light as to why this is happening?

Here is my profile link:


You have a professional appearance, be patient and don’t give up. :clap:

superb id. don’t worry you will get orders soon.

I hope so, this is becoming very frustrating for me. Sorry if i seem impatient

hoping so… getting very frustrated

I just got my first order in more than 3 months.

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whoaaa!!! you have an insane amount of patience bro

All your gigs are real estate orientated. The last time I looked, the real estate market as falling into a pool of lava in Mount Mordor.

Maybe think about targeting a different audience.


I second this, everything about real estate and housing is unreasonably expensive. That’s pretty much the situation everywhere in the world. Plus, if you have your gigs recently then they can take a day or two to show up. Just give it some time.

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Just to add to what everyone said - there’s no such thing as SEO inside Fiverr to speak of.

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yes exectly this is what happening to me also this month i improved my gig my times but nothing work

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Anytime you edit your gig it will be place on review and it takes 24hours for your gig to be review and approve by Fiverr team. It will be back on search again

I don’t disagree with what has been mentioned thus far. The only thing I could add is this…

  1. Check out others within the same category, offering similar services. Sometimes offering ‘just’ as much for a similar or somewhat higher price because of personal perceived value, doesn’t always lead to sales.

  2. You’ve referenced to check your “Check portfolio website” but I was unable to find that particular link.

Lastly, at this time I don’t believe your gigs have any social proof, nor when I checked your gigs did you appear online (May I suggest downloading the app, and keep it active refreshing throughout the day)

Given the amount of competition within the site, some may win based on price, some may win based on service. Just make sure you’re putting your best foot forward within both of those categories.

I hope this has helped.



but everybody else is getting work. I know a guy from my city, who with shitty work level and shitty language skills landed his first client

Been more than a week, so kinda frustrated for not finding them anywhere in the list

really? did not know that. Is it just a myth then?

ever since i uploaded the gig, I did not edit them at all

Yes. SEO means search engine optimisation. What can you do to optimise your results inside Fiverr’s search? Nothing. Other than putting relevant tags (which is trivial and should be done when creating the gig anyway), there’s literally nothing you can do to “optimize” your search placement. Their algorithm decides your position, and nobody knows how it works.

whoa!! thus far one of the best advice i received. Thanks bro

I’ve got the idea from your post i.e. how to fetch the profile clicks and I’m going to use it. :blush: some days.