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Why is it always as soon as it is time for delivery a seller always has a car accident, or a death in the family or some other tragic event? I know things happen in life, but this has happened about 10 different times to me. I had one seller give excuse after excuse and then fake a delivery by saying Oh I had a hard time attaching, let me know if you got it. 8-| Or wait to the last minute and throw something together!

What a waste of my time. I could have hired someone who really wanted the money. agggrgh! rant over!


This doesn’t help you at all, but your story reminds me of a woman I worked with for years who always seemed to have one “family tragedy” after another, which meant she had to take a leave of absence unexpectedly. Most of her family lived in a location 500 miles away, her husband’s was about 1000 miles. One time she told us she was going to a funeral for an unexpected death in her family, came back to work for 1 day, then called out the next day because…a car full of her family driving home from the same funeral had been in an accident, and now there was yet another family death! Then she came back to work for less than 2 months and suddenly someone in her husband’s family died. Then, amazingly, the very same kind of tragedy supposedly happened AGAIN! Barely back to work before she had to go to another funeral for someone who died on the way home from the last funeral! I think she realized we were having trouble believing her overwhelming number of family deaths in a very short time, so the next family tragedy that happened about 8 months later was…a kidnapping! And of course she had to go give her loving support, right? When we tried to find news articles about this kidnapping and couldn’t, she claimed it was because the Federal bureau of Investigation had told her family to keep the kidnapping a secret. We finally “caught” her when she apparently forgot that she’d already been to her only sister’s funeral and a year or two later, her sister “died” again. I don’t think she thought anyone would remember. When confronted, she changed it to being her husband’s sister, but of course by then no one believed the story.

Unless, of course, she and her husband have the unluckiest families on earth, just like the sellers you’ve met~!