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Why will a buyer request be allowed to stay for so long

I am still seeing a buyer request that have stayed for more than a week and has over 310 offers sent already.

It should not be possible to have 310 offers. Can you share a screenshot?

306 as at now. This number will go up

This request has been up for a week now, if am not mistaken. Will the buyer say he hasn’t seen anyone good enough to take on the job?

Most likely the buyer will not tell you if they found someone or not. If they know how to use Fiverr then they will take it down, but there’s no expiration time as far as I know. Once they hit the 30 offer limit, they won’t even get notifications so they forget about it.

I’m guessing this buyer has already found someone and forgot to take the request down.

Regarding 306 offers, it probably shows how many offers were sent, but in reality a buyer can see up to 30 offers at the time. I highly doubt this buyer went through 306 offers by deleting old offers.

So the number might be correct, but it’s an irrelevant number as buyer didn’t go through those offers.

I see someone has got 978 offers.

It’s looks like a bug.
Its hard to see this much optimistic sellers.

Yap, Fiverr is full of optimistic sellers