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Why won’t fiverr tell me why my account has been banned

I know I’ve upset a few people and have been Rude to people in this forum, and I am sorry for the that.

I am banned on fiverr, and they still haven’t told me why . Could it be for the things I said here? If not, why won’t they tell me. I honestly done nothing wrong, didn’t get 5 star reviews For no reason.

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it probably was that…but you can message CS and ask them


People get banned from the forum for the things they say here, but nothing happens to their accounts on the main site because of that.

On the other hand, if your forum behavior is really bad, someone might not like it, and they can check your account and report you if they see that you’re breaking the rules. It would only work if you really are breaking the rules, though.

Didn’t you receive an email from Fiverr when your account was banned, telling you why?


Nope, they still haven’t told me. I can understand why I got banned on this forum, but not fiverr itself. I didn’t break any rules or nothing which is why I had 5 star reviews and was finally getting jobs.

I’ve emailed them again, and they still haven’t told me. I asked them if they could investigate my account and provide evidence but they haven’t got back to me.

Also, im sorry @catwriter for things I’ve said to you in the past, No excuses for my actions back then.

cheers :slight_smile:

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If you are still commenting here on the forum, then you haven’t been banned from the forum. :wink:


haha you’re right. I was banned though, I must’ve got unbanned! :slight_smile:

Do you know if fiverr CS actually get paid? They still won’t tell me what’ve done, which Is strange. Not very good support. You guys on this forum are far better help.


As far as I know, those who work in Customer Support here on Fiverr are Fiverr employees, and yes, as employees, they would be paid by Fiverr. How does their employee compensation relate to you being banned? I don’t see a connection.

Fiverr usually sends a message when they take action against a user or their gigs. I highly doubt that they forgot to tell you when they took action against your account. It sounds like you might be leaving something out of your story.

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:arrow_right: Can i create a new fiverr account as this one got banned .