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Why wont anyone buy from me?!


I have some pretty good gigs and decent prices. I analyzed the content of each gig and I can’t find anything overall bad. Maybe it’s because I’m a level one seller and the smaller sellers get business much slower.


Patience is a virtue it is said. I was on Fiverr for over a month before I got my first order. I have read on this forum that some sellers have even waited years. I see you already have one review and you have only been here since April. Good for you! :smiley:

Also, here is a thread that starts out with charts that denote what categories the sellers are in and what their level is. You can look to find how much competition you have.

Actually, you are not a level one seller. You are a no level seller. When you are level one you get a badge that says “Level 1.”


I looked up your profile and I can see that you’re just about 1 month old here on fiverr and you already made 1 sale.

In my case, I didn’t make my first sale until after about 2 months.

It’s too early to give up, might be slow at first but you’d be getting more orders soon.

You may also make good use of the ‘buyers request’ section.

I got most of my sales from there.

Ohh yes, you’re not yet a level one seller :slight_smile:


I’m here about 1 month here too and same as like you with a single review and still waiting for order but no hope. I have researched and got to know that many sellers have faced this situation too.

So I think it would be better to wait and in the meantime market your gig.


You don’t sound that convinced as to the quality of your offering. Maybe buyers are skipping “pretty good gigs at decent prices” for excellent gigs at great prices. Even saying you can’t find anything overall bad, leaves the impression that there are some kinda bad issues. Maybe it is just the words you use to describe the gigs, or are you not convinced that they are the best they can be?


Why wont anyone buy from me?!

The simple answer if you are getting views and clicks is that no one wants them. I don’t want to critique your gigs in detail but I looked at the first two and they do not offer too much of interest. I cannot find any reason why anyone would want those.

Try to look at your gigs from the standpoint of asking yourself “Why would I want to buy this?” Can you find a reason anyone would buy yours?

It definitely does not have anything to do with your level. Your gigs just do not offer much of what people want.