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Why won't Fiverr let me set price or delivery time for my gig?

It will not let me!! I’ve tried multiple times…ideas?

It looks like you are not accepting orders at this time.
Is your account or gigs set for Vacation / Suspended at all ?

I have the same problem.

Was this resolved? I am having the same issue.

same problemo

The new system sets the delivery time that shows on your gig as the AVERAGE DELIVERY TIME instead of the old DELIVERY TIME. So you can set the time as usual but it won’t show on your gig.


Same, Doesn’t make sense. Has been happening for over 1 week now.

Same issue. First time user

Same here. Am upset.

Is that a universal roll out? My Gig still shows 5 Days on average which is the number of days I had named when I set up the Gig. This, even though I have delivered 90% of my jobs in under 2 days.

Same problem. Can’t continue and publish my gig. Help!

They are ----ing —holes

I have the same problem and I can’t move forward. Can anyone help with this?

It says the expected duration cant be blank. But there is no way to fill it in.

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same problem I don’t understand someone please explain

Can’t start new gig either! Please help!

Can’t start new gig either!

Someone has to has an answer because its still happening

Same thing, I can’t get my First Gig to continue. I have wasted days on this. You would think after the time that has gone by, the problem would have been fixed by now.