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Why won't fiverr show me the buyer requests?

I am a relatively new seller here and since I made my profile fiverr won’t show me the buyer requests. It always says that there are no buyer requests. Do you have any idea what the problem might be?
Thank you


Yeah I remember this position. You will need to be listed on Fiverr as a freelancer for at least 30-days and fulfill at least 1 order for the platform to sen you leads. The thing is Fiverr dose not want to “waste” leads. So I suggest that you promote your gigs, make at least different gigs and get the word out to start getting orders as soon as possible.


this is not a problem. fiverr shows buy requests but not everytime. most commonly it shows for 20 minutes after 2/3 hours. you can send 10 bids in a day


Thank you soo much, I will try my best.

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Thank youu… I will try everyting

Buyer requests depend on how many gigs you have and in what categories.

If you have only one or two gigs, and on that given day no one is buying in that category you will not see BR at all.

Also depending where you live the time when you will be given 10-20 BR to see is different.
So what you should do (I did this, and unfortunately everyone has to) is go on BR section every day for a week and every 10-20 minutes click F5 (refresh). At some point during the day you will get a bunch of BR, and then rest of the day nothing. Mark the time when you got BR visible and that is the time you should check BR.

I had a problem with my BR that was constantly refreshing at 10PM when I go to sleep, so all day nothing and then at 10PM I get 50 BR.

I talked with CS about this and they refreshed my account to see that I live in Europe and give me new BR in the morning.

BUT!! You are not suppose to send messages to CS immediately just because you do not see BR. I tested for 4 months BR section before I approached CS with data, timing, screenshots and everything.


Thank you soo much. Could you please only tell me where can I find the BR section?

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Here, expand the BR part to see the image and all.

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This is not a problem. This happens to every new seller. Gradually you will see buyer requests,


Create more gig in different work basis.
Be active in fiver all time because you will get buyer request sometime not every time. For getting buyer request you have to active more and more. And also have to check the buyer request option within some moment.

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Thank you soo much. I really appreciate your help!

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Thank you sooo much!

You are most welcome.

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Right you are…

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