'Why won't it accept my gig title?


I’m new and when I try to save my Gig Title I keep getting the message: Title contains illegal characters.

Here’s what I wrote: I will write or rewrite your 250-word paper.


remove “-” and i think rewrite of paper is not allowed on fiverr anymore


Make it “I will correct you 250-word paper” instead.

Please note: doing someones homework or assignment isn’t allowed on Fiverr.


Remove the full stop (period) from the end.


just avoid (period) (slas) (number) (+) (minus) (question mark) (open and close part.) (equal sign) (%) ($)(#) (@)
most important don’t include your name


I would kill the “250-”

I don’t think one person a year searches for a 250-word paper. A term paper, an exam paper, a research paper, yes. But not a 250-word paper.


You can mention number of words in your description for each package.


Remove (-)(.) After remove it will accepted


Thank you! I very much appreciate your help!


Remove the full stop (period) from the end.and also try to your gig description between 250 words


You are most welcome