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'Why won't it accept my gig title?

I’m new and when I try to save my Gig Title I keep getting the message: Title contains illegal characters.

Here’s what I wrote: I will write or rewrite your 250-word paper.


remove “-” and i think rewrite of paper is not allowed on fiverr anymore


Make it “I will correct you 250-word paper” instead.

Please note: doing someones homework or assignment isn’t allowed on Fiverr.


Remove the full stop (period) from the end.


just avoid (period) (slas) (number) (+) (minus) (question mark) (open and close part.) (equal sign) (%) ($)(#) (@)
most important don’t include your name

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I would kill the “250-”

I don’t think one person a year searches for a 250-word paper. A term paper, an exam paper, a research paper, yes. But not a 250-word paper.


You can mention number of words in your description for each package.

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Remove (-)(.) After remove it will accepted

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Thank you! I very much appreciate your help!

Remove the full stop (period) from the end.and also try to your gig description between 250 words

You are most welcome

My gig title is not getting saved I have written I will do dazzling and mesmerising logos it says excessive terms of use is illegal

@ravishing_logos I think you should just use one of those two words; either ‘dazzling’ or ‘mesmerizing’

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you have to read fiverr TOS

What is Tos plzz tell mee

I did everything I tried changing whole name I removed one name also but still that title is not getting saved its very frustating :mask:

Don’t put a full stop at the end of the last sentence, I think.

@ravishing_logos If you want specific help you just need to create your own topic.