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Why would a buyer ever buy from a new seller?

I know that everybody offers SEO in some form of way. So i get that i’m entering a saturated market. But is there even an incentive for a buyer to buy from a new seller ?

I try to position myself as relatively cheap but high quality. Not making false promise or succes stories in 1 day. But it’s actually hard for me to see why someone would pick my gig.

Am I for now doomed to pitching my idea to the available requests ? Untill now I only had 1 guy who might be interested in my gig since he likes the fact that i’m down to earth and know that SEO is not some form of magic that can be fixed overnight.

I get that you should promote your gigs outside of Fiverr, but I kind of see this as a challenge. I live in Belgium and not many people here know that Fiverr exist. I pitch my ideas to local businesses at an hourly rate of 49 euros without a blink of the eye. But I want to find interesting projects on Fiverr because I want to “win” this game.

Am i wrong in this ? Are my gigs just crap ? It’s hard to convince people that you offer quality that takes some time, when all the promises you hear are way better, yet in my eyes impossible.

When i look for seo gigs (have bought a few) i usually pick the seller who has done the best work at optimizing their gig and description. As it stands i would not pick your gig as tags dont match the description.

I think you can still stand out offering seo gigs as seo is such a wide area. For the advanced webmaster such a small thing as server settings can improve rankings in the long run. I just think if you focused on a more specific area/thing targeting a specific group of webmasters you will make your first sale faster.

Buyers DO pick new sellers or no one would ever be here for long.

It took me over a year before I had regular sales so it can be a very slow build up.

About this:
I get that you should promote your gigs outside of Fiverr, but I kind of see this as a challenge. I live in Belgium and not many people here know that Fiverr exist.

When they say “outside of fiverr” they mean other places on the internet like Facebook or other social media outlets, not around your town. On the internet you have the entire world to promote to.

What tags would you use for my SEO gig ?

What words to use would depend on the research result, but i would make sure the tags/keywords or key-phrases would appear in the description or title.
When picking keywords and deciding how to write a job description i usually aim for low to mid competition keywords and phrases.

I completely changed my gig.

Changed the prices, changed the description and changed the keywords.

Would you be so nice to give me a quick second review to see how you like it now ?

Yes I know. Problem is that I’m starting my own company in a couple of months and I already have customers who are going to pay me 49 euros an hour ( VAT excluded ). They won’t be happy when they see me offering 5 euro gigs on my personal Facebook page.

That’s why I want to keep this away from the social media that I already use.

I like it think you improved your chances of making that first sale.
I would give it a week or two, then if your still not getting any sales change things up again.

Thank you for your help !

Because they want their work to be done and by default fiverr recommends new sellers on the homepage.

If I am hiring for the first time and I just want the job to be done in time without spending too much money, no matter what my status is, I will hire someone who offers me with the best quote in the world.