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Why would a buyer intentionally fail to leave a review

I have completed several orders, and as a new seller I really appreciate reviews, but some buyers really don’t want to give their feedback. It’s crazy how some will place a second order without rating the previous one. How can I increase my buyer experience?


Buyers are not required to leave a review of feedback. They are 100% voluntary.


I understand, how can I increase or better the percentage of my reviewed orders in the future?

It’s not at all crazy that some buyers don’t leave feedback.

While as sellers we should appreciate honest feedback, buyers are not obliged to spend their time reviewing us.

The problem is that too many consumers are used to the idea of ‘liking’ social media posts, or reviewing products on Amazon, etc. In reality this phenomenon is a relatively new one - 20 years or so ago the idea of instant reviews didn’t really exist.

However, this is business. We’re not here to give a ‘thumbs up’ on every occasion. As sellers we are commissioned and paid to do a job, and that’s it. Anything else like a review or a tip should be considered a bonus.

Sure, it’s nice to receive a positive review and it will help to build our reputation - but it’s not obligatory for buyers to leave a review.


You can’t. You can only be a great seller, and leave the review decision to your buyers.


Awesome. Let me focus on delivering quality.

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How is that “crazy”? You have entitlement issues. You’re only looking at this from what you want, not how buyers think or act.


Thanks for the clarification. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

It’s a choice. It’s not a case of them ‘failing’ to do something.


Sure, after all it is better no review than 4* or 3*

I do understand your frustration. Till now I have completed around 2350+ orders but received reviews only on 1650+ orders. Around 30% of buyers didn’t post their review after receiving successful delivery. I can’t force buyers to leave a review.

Personally I think No review is better than 3 star or 4 star. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yes, now for me it’s disappointing to be denied a review, but once I hit 10+ reviews, I won’t mind be reviewed or not getting ratings.

Have patience and try your best to provide quality work to all the buyers.

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Once Fiverr started to publish sellers reviews on the buyer’s profile, many buyers stopped leaving reviews. The reason they stopped is because they did not want to disclose to others what services they were buying on Fiverr.

So, many buyers value their privacy and will never leave a review. I have several regular clients that never leave reviews, but instead come into my inbox to thank me for the good service.


Yes, that is great reasoning. When a customer places a 2nd order without rating the 1st, it is a sign of satisfaction, but as a new seller I just felt frustrated coz i badly needed a review

I remember those days. Now I do not let it bother me.


** That’s fine, I hope someday I will be comfortable without craving for reviews**

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You can’t anything. Buyers are not required to leave a review
So Try hard work and waiting for next work.
Have a good day
Thank you

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Thanks for the advice. Let me hope my future clients will be different

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Some buyer don’t know who much important review and feedback for seller.
So When you delivery job then you can remember to give a review.