Why would a buyer refuse to accept a cancellation?


This is not the first time a buyer from ***** has placed a $5 order, then demanded something I don’t offer and also, in this instance, has falsely claimed he ordered many times before from me but wasn’t happy with what he got, and refuse to accept a cancellation?

Here is his opening message, and this was after he sent a message to my inbox
where I told him I couldn’t help him a month ago:

"please use them for 100 result /
i have tried one more of your gig in past for this . but didnt worked . please this time help me . "

I have told him I don’t offer what he is demanding. I have told him I do not see any times he has ordered from me before. I have told him I apologize but must cancel.

He then refuses to accept the cancellation and is begging and pleading and lying to me to try to force me to do the work in spite of my refusal.

He began his order by saying he has been scammed many times before on fiverr.
Then said he ordered “one or more” times from me but nothing he got from me worked, which I can see is not true because he never ordered even once from me.

This has happened several times before in almost the same way. What is going on here?
I have to send multiple cancellation requests and many messages to him in an argument at this point and for what? I can’t and won’t be forced to do this.


Maybe you should set the base price of your gigs at $10.


Yes unfortunately. I will have to reluctantly switch to packages.


Hello Miss, if the buyer or client read out all about the gig’s descriptions, understand clearly - if there is something to unclear, can ask to clarify - lead more sales and save valuable time. Evenmore, there can be a great discussion before plancing an order between seller and buyer.


I had told him a month ago I can’t do what he wants.


Why don’t you submit a ticket to the customer service and have them force cancellation? I’m new and not sure this is right but I think that such cancellations do not affect your cancellation rate.
Best of luck


Don’t do it, your sales won’t be as strong when you bump up the price. Too many people offer spells for $5. Just message Fiverr and they will have a force cancellation.


“has falsely claimed he ordered many times before from me”

Maybe he did order many times before, from other accounts?


Any forced cancellation affects your rate negatively. I have a feeling this kind if buyer will be an ongoing problem for some people, though. Some will just have to become resilient and take the consequences. It’s too bad.


This sounds spot on. It would make me wonder if it’s intentional. :-/


To say he ordered before although I have no record of it, wasn’t happy with what he
got, but is back ordering again= here comes trouble.


Apologies, I should be more careful, thank you for the heads up.


I agree, it looks like trouble.

Can you use what he said to report him to Customer Support for having multiple accounts?


…when they think that 5$ is worth the power trip they get when they leave a bad feedback.

You can simply tell them that you will cast a negative spell on them if they try to mess with you. What’s the use of being an officially certified top seller witch if people aren’t scared of you? :slight_smile:


Every buyer has to be checked :slight_smile:


He never ordered from me or he wouldn’t have been asking about my service a month ago.
He sounded so weird that I told him I couldn’t help him.


I think cancellations are extremely unfair. If somebody orders something that you do not even offer, is it really fair that you rank lower in the search then? Weird according to me.


I had to sumbit a ticket to CS once to have an order cancelled, a buyer had kind of ordered doubly, due to a misunderstanding on their side, I´ve been told it won´t affect my rating. I don´t know if that´s on case-by-case basis of course.
If cancelling an order because a buyer absolutely clearly ordered a gig for x but wants the seller to do y will affect a seller’s rating negatively, then clearly that´s not okay, I hope it isn´t so.


That sounds like a good idea to me basically, though I think, if they had an account before, that has not been banned, but they deleted their account by themselves, and opened a new one later on, there´s nothing forbidding that (though obviously if they want to use ‘I ordered before with you’, they should tell Miss Crystal under which name!). Reporting probably will only lead to something if they have multiple accounts at the same time. Still worth a shot of course, if they are out making trouble for you.


Ask CS to help you.