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Why Would All My Gig Stats Suddenly Sky Rocket?

Finally something positive.
All my gigs have suddenly sky rocketed.
They were dropping off quite drastically.
And they’re holding steady…what could be the reason for this. One I could understand.


Please understand that fiverr use a kind of random rotation for gigs placement. Today you could be one first page, tomorrow on the last one.

I would prefer a method that rank gigs based only on their performance, not on randomness like it is now.

anyway, this i fiverr

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So it is resulting in increased sales? Or messages?

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Thanks, no this is something different, I’ve been very aware of the rotation. I still show on the first page always

Increased sales. The only thing I can think, like when I had the " rising talent badge" is my gig might show up in an unrelated search.

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It would be great if we had actual tracking cookies in our gigs to see exactly where they are at all times.

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My gig have been on first page for over 3 years. since last week it was passed to the last one, and my stats went down drastically.

I had about 100k impressions, now I have 35k.

Sales went down too.

Better placement helps on better results, but unfortunately it’s not permanent

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I have a theory that the only difference is I finally posted to Twitter from one of my gigs and used Facebook to promote. Maybe posting to social media unlocks another dimension :laughing:

Funny enough Thursday seems to be the best day for orders

like I said.

In the past our gigs were ranked accordingly our performance. now the gigs are placed on top of pages because of randomness, not because the true performance.

this is the reason of drastically better results.

Please keep in mind this is not permanent. You could be having the best performance ever, be on first page for months and suddenly all drop.

Better placement = better impressions = better chances to have more sales, butt it’s now controlled by fiverr algorithm.

Yep long term sellers are getting the S"""t

Still wondering why it took a week and half to recover the stats