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Why would Fiverr disable an uprising seller?

I was just wondering, nowadays a lot of people here and there are saying that they are either afraid or either their own I’d got disable by Fiverr! Some also says like 'I had some money in my id, and as I can’t log into my id anymore, I lost all that money. :frowning: '
I mean why would Fiverr do that! If those ID’s were doing something against Fiverr rules, how come they didn’t disable them at the first. And now disabling them after a while when they’ve made some money with it!
I am just curious! What’s going on!


Fiverr locks funds on disabled accounts for 90-days for some silly reason. They gain interest during that 90-day time period. Granted, it is not a lot of interest, but still. That is why people say they can’t access their funds.


It might be a way to punish and discourage the sellers from breaking the rules.


The most common trend seems to involve gigs getting disabled but account administrators still being permitted to create new gigs etc. When an account is completely closed down suddenly, I suspect that this is because sellers are committing serious TOS breaches like using a false IP or dabbling in human organ trafficking.


Are you saying that they do it for the money !? But don’t you think, if that account was not disable for 90 days! Then that person could earn some more money in that 90 day. And though Fiverr cut 20% they would have much more than that interest!


I have no idea why they do it. 90-days is an exceedingly long time for them to lock the money away. They say they do it for ‘security reasons’, but who knows…

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It does not actually say in the TOS about the 90-day limit, so if it is to discourage people then it is certainly not doing a good job as they keep it a secret until you get banned.

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It’s more likely that they wait that long in case any of the buyers will file a Paypal claim. If they give the seller his money earlier and the claim drops in they have to refund out of their own pocket.


Because they may not have done anything wrong at first or they might have not been caught at first.

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