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Why would Fiverr suddenly cancel an order when neither side asked them to?


I’m writing this out of curiosity more than anything else.

I have a repeat client who placed an order with me two days ago. It was a voice over order with some minor translation work thrown in.

I got to his order yesterday and noticed a line that could do with some modification. I messaged him and asked if he wanted me to change the line, and then went to bed knowing that I had sufficient time to do the recording in the morning if he agreed.

I got his reply in the early hours of the morning. He wanted me to make the change and was happy with the initiative I took.

But when I woke up to start the work a few hours later, I saw that Fiverr had cancelled the order and returned the funds to the buyer.


There was no request for cancellation from either side. I’ve worked with this buyer before and I know he had no issues with the order.

There was no explanation for the cancellation, yet my order completion rate fell by 2%. I tried messaging the buyer, but found that Fiverr had blocked him.

I can’t think of any reason this would happen, unless the buyer violated TOS somehow with someone else’s order.

I haven’t mentioned payments, or working off Fiverr, or even anything about reviews. I still had a good four or five hours left to my deadline when the order was cancelled. And even if I had violated TOS like that, I would have received a warning. I don’t think Fiverr usually cancels without warning like this.

I’ve asked Customer Support for clarification. I don’t expect my order completion rate to be mended, since I’ve read enough forum posts where that hasn’t worked out.

But I’m so confused about what I could have done to prevent this. If the fault wasn’t mine, shouldn’t Fiverr have given a basic reason when they cancelled?

Thanks for listening to my rant. Waiting for a response from CS now.

UPDATE (23/02/19):

CS got back to me. They said that the client is no longer on the platform but they can’t reveal the reason due to their privacy policy. And that they forwarded the issue about my affected completion rate to the relevant department.
I can see that my order completion rate has gone back to where it was before. It could be because I finished three orders today, but more likely they fixed it. =)


You can check your mail.May be the buyer has performed chargeback for that his/her account got suspended . Otherwise the buyer did any violation for that his/her account got suspended and support cancelled that order…


Hi. I haven’t received any email from CS regarding this yet. However, I also suspect that the buyer got suspended which resulted in this cancellation. But I can’t be sure, since no explanation was provided. :neutral_face:
Just one line explaining this would make me stop worrying about what I could have possibly done.


Have you checked to see if his account is still on fiverr?


I’m an idiot. I hadn’t checked. It didn’t even occur to me. Thank you!

No, his profile is no longer on Fiverr. He must have gotten suspended. Phew. I’m sorry for him, but relieved to get an answer. Again, thank you!


Ahh, what a situation :roll_eyes:


I had a similar situation happen to me one day. I was working with a client on an on-going project. I already completed 3 out of 20 orders for him. When he placed the order for the 4th everything was fine, until he decided to switch the card he was using to a different one. Once he did that Fiverr canceled the order and blocked him. He reached out to CS and explained what happened and they allowed him to reopen a new account where we continued finishing the project.

Hope this makes sense cuz its 5 am and i’m half asleep.


It does, and it’s good to know a situation like this doesn’t necessarily mean the buyer did a nefarious chargeback.


Buyer just asked PayPal for refund.
I have same situations before. And I think that it is unfair to punish a seller in this situation. But we can’t do anything with this :frowning_face:


Few weeks ago I got 4 cancelation in 1 day from the same client. Orders were marked as complete more than 3 months ago. Buyer was satisfied with delivery and leaved a positive review.
But he just made a refund for all 4 orders and my order completion rate fell by 4% also fiverr charged money from my account.


Oh no, that’s awful! Makes me feel petty for complaining about this. I wonder if the site realises how much this erodes our trust in them?


It does make sense. Thanks! This is why I wrote here. To hear of alternate explanations that I hadn’t thought about. Here’s hoping the client went through a similar issue, and didn’t get banned permanently.


I doubt it was as simple as a charge back since the seller haven’t completed the order. If a buyer is going to scheme on a charge back, they would at least wait until they receive the order. Unless of course if it’s another seller trying to manipulate their stats negatively.


They might have had another order they did a chargeback on that caused their account to be banned. So customer support cancelled other orders they had.