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Why would someone do this?


I had a client who messaged me and because of a bad vibe, I said I couldn’t help. Plus, they are from one of those BAD BUYER parts of the world.

Anyway, on October 23rd, they decided to place an order regardless. I delivered this (over delivered actually) in full and on time. Immediately, however, the buyer asked me why I hadn’t done the work.

This was 1 x 30 second video, 1 x article, 1 x getty image, and 2 x free stock images.

Confused, especially since I could see the video in the Fiverr preview viewer, as well as all the other files I had sent, I delivered all again. Then the buyer said that they couldn’t open any of the files.

The video was in ,mp4 format, article in MS Word format, and images in .png.

At this point, I sensed a scam. In this case, I directed the buyer to customer support. Then they were gone until a week later when they messaged me with their private email, asking for me to send the files again. I said no, quoted TOS implications and reported the message. Now today, the buyer has returned asking me to redeliver their work via a normal Fiverr inbox message attachment.

I’m just perplexed by this. I have said no. They can still download all their files from their original order page and all files on that page were delivered twice and checked by me for corruption the second time.

For some reason, this buyer who cornered me into doing their work, simply does not want to open their delivery. In this case, I am suspecting that this is because if they don’t download anything on their side, they think they might be able to file a charge back?

Any ideas?


Don’t worry too much about it. If they ask again, send the files through the fiverr message.
Nothing can stop them from doing the dreaded chargeback anyway.




lol… you’re funny @vickiespencer


I had someone do this and I did it without any problems. Something bad is going on if they said they can’t open them.


They messaged you with their private email? Do not send anything there! I don’t know what is going on with them but it sounds very anxiety producing for you.

I know where you mean when you say the bad buyer part of the world.


Well, I got to the bottom of it… This buyer originally ordered an article with a 20-30 second video extra which is designed to be featured on blog posts and social media posts to get people to click and play, keep people on the page for longer, spark interest, and be generally very good for SEO. - When used properly.

As it turns out, however, this buyer has decided that they want a complete replica of this video:

Now, I could actually make that. But not for $15 which is what the video extra in the gig purchased was for. Plus, we’re talking here about almost a month since this order was marked as complete and guess what, when I said no, the buyer went ‘then refund me please,’ and when I said no again and that I was going to report them, they went full ape sh*t in their review.

This is why I’m not even going to try an appease the new review system. It’s appease and be a slave or be punished for not slaving hard enough. What is more, in the midst of my inbox battle with this buyer who finally revealed their true motives, (Saying they couldn’t download the delivered work was an attempt to get me to redo it and turn a $30 gig into a FOC $230 one), I got two very generous tips from people who insisted I take more for my work.

If only I had some kind of proof that my willing people to get hit by busses actually worked…

Edit: Also, if this buyer gets a refund from CS anyway, I’m going to be livid.


It’s not that horrible a review because it’s easy to see this was a bad buyer.


Which part of the :earth_americas: is that @misscrystal @cyaxrex ? Either way, it doesn’t seem like a normal genuine buyer from the start.


The part where he says “I want a refund” is obviously the whole point.


Talk about nerve-wracking. Hope you get it all straightened out.

I just had a buyer leave a 5-star feedback but with still damaging, incorrect info. He claimed that his article was delayed. However, he ordered on a 15-day turnaround time with no extra fast option, which means it’s done in the order received. I also apologize for any inconvenience but still remind my clients that they ordered the article on the delivery timeframe with no extra fast.

I left my own feedback explaining the situation, but still, damage could be done if potential buyers don’t look beyond the profile page. JERK!

I’m seriously contemplating raising my rates in January. These $5 folks are giving me a headache and I’ve already got enough stress from my job at the school right now.