Why would you do that


I made a Gig, they stopped it from being visible, after 2 days, they activated it again and now when people started to ordering, they DENIED it… what the hell is going on.

Why would you deny it in the first place, those are just Soundcloud reposts helping other people grow ffs.


Just read and understand the TOS before you create the Gig next time, Your Gig may denied due to violating TOS, Also there are some services which fiver will not allow.


The problem is, everything was good and there is maaaaaaaaaany gigs which offer the same thing as I did which was Soundcloud Repost Service. NOBODY got termined besides me.


Actually its not only depends on the service … even one gig image or one sentence on your gig description against the TOS, its enough for them to remove the gig.