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Why would you not buy my gig


hey guys i want some help… not getting any orders here… now i have 2 questions… i will be more than thankful if somebody can help me here…
1- I am a logo designer and have 0% delivered on time literally. I deliver under 2 hours usually but there’s ALWAYS a need for revisions. So it is never on time… How much does it affect me?

2- Look at my gigs

the question is … as a buyer … what would make you NOT buy these gigs?


Personally, I would not buy just because I prefer to be independent.
I am inclined to invest time and money to produce by myself that kind of product, if I need to, every time that it is reasonably possible.
I believe that if I start buying elements that will constitute the most relevant part of a product that I will sell, I will fail sooner or later.
The problem may occur when one expects to meet the demand of the end users in a context where the audience is constituted by competitors for the most part.