Why would you promote your gig outside of fiverr?


If I wanted to get customers outside of fiverr, then I will promote my gig outside of fiverr. Example: Craigslist, facebook, pinterest, Instagram, YouTube. Most if not all of them allow you to advertise for free in your basic account. Some sites need a small payment for some ads.

Fiverr charges 20% commission. Why would anyone bring someone from Craigslist to fiverr and do business on fiverr? If I promote my gig on craigslist, then I don’t have to pay Craigslist 20% commission. I am still somewhat confused why fiverr thinks anyone will promote their gigs on other sites and lose 20% when any seller can do free business on other sites.


Nobody’s saying you have to promote yourself, fiverr spends buckets of cash on promotion (ot but just saw a fiverr adsense ad on one of my websites earlier today).

To answer the question.

In my case i get around 50% more traffic to my gigs by promoting them. I also promote the gigs and business i do on other sites + the business i do on my own site and the business i do offline. Promoting will just give you an edge over sellers that only relies on the traffic provided by fiverr.


Create a blog for your gigs, discuss their uses in greater details, post the best reviews and samples, and link back to Fiverr. Set up an autoresponder to market your upcoming gigs via mail.

Then just ask a quality SEO provider, ahem, like me to rank your blog good in search engines.

I also ordered flyers from some sellers and they brought extra sales. But it won’t work with all types of gigs.

Magazine ads are also a good idea if they allow you to include a QR code.


Reply to @mgjohn78: I still don’t understand why you would promote your fiverr gig elsewhere. Meaning why bring traffic from other sites to fiverr? You lose 20% as soon as the buyers order from you on fiverr. Why wouldn’t you pick up the order elsewhere where you promote the gig and keep the 20% for yourself? In other words the buyer can be picked up elsewhere (say craigslist) and you keep your 20% commission. Why are you bringing in buyers from elsewhere to here is my question.


Reply to @kjblynx: OK I understand the convenience of having your gig on display in fiverr. It saves you setting up your own web site and believe me, I know how time consuming it is to manage your own site. It sucks a lot of time from you. So your point is understood.

As far as payment: Note that paypal itself is secure way to make payments. Millions of transactions occur through Paypal every day. Your bank account and credit card numbers are not revealed to anyone who sends you payment via paypal.

I simply think that if I were to advertise for a gig on CL, I will complete the transaction on CL. I won’t bring them to 5er because 5er charges 20%. CL is $0 cost for me. Same applies to all other sites. Free is free, not 80% free and 20% cost.


Reply to @km0000: I have the same reasons as kjblynx. PayPal is really not all that safe although it is better than some methods. If you use PayPal directly with no intervening “umbrella” company there is very little you can do if you get a purchase from someone who then cancels and claims fraud, or if you get paid from an actual stolen account. I have lost hundreds of dollars through a transaction that seemed legit to me but was made with a stolen account.

Fiverr cannot entirely protect you from that either, but at least the buyer normally gets their own Fiverr account removed and their IP is probably flagged as well. While that is only a deterrent for buyers, just like locking doorknobs are a deterrent for prowlers, sometimes that is enough to have a thief move on for an easier target.

km0000 said: I won't bring them to 5er because 5er charges 20%. CL is $0 cost for me.

So do you sell on Craigslist and are you successful?

km0000 said: 5er charges 20%. CL is $0 cost for me
And so very little protection against fraud, it's scary. But I suppose the 20% fee you save by using Craigslist can be put toward a lawyer if you get scammed and want your money or product back. (Won't help much if you end up being a victim of personal crime, though. Fortunately, that doesn't happen TOO often...just the occasional murder or rape).


Reply to @km0000: Simple i want more exposure for the work i do on fiverr. I do different type of work on different sites as things are easier to manage.

The 20% doesn’t matter if your fiverr business plan is based on the fact that you get 4$ per base gig. Meaning if you would move to do the same work on another site that takes 0 comission you would charge the client 4$


Reply to @ricksper: I sold on CL but different kinds of products. I rented out apartments and there was no commission payable to CL. Imagine paying 20% of your rent money every month to fiverr. Can’t do! I like fiverr, don’t get me wrong. I am just not going to bring outside leads from CL/faceook/twitter/linkedin into fiverr.


Reply to @celticmoon: Scams are a different story. Look, I welcome you to pay fiverr as much money as you want, not my problem. I just choose to be smart when doing transactions locally or long distance on CL or facebook and save the 20% fee which I can split with the customer. I see no point in losing 20% commission to fiverr when I can pick up the customer elsewhere. We are not talking $100,000 transactions here where security is important. I am talking about $100 to $500 transactions. You would pay $100 on a $500 transaction, I pay $0.00 on a $500 transaction. And I can’t imagine how much you would lose on fiverr if you did $500++ each month. Your choice!


I am almost constantly connected on Facebook and I see various Fiverr adds more than 3 times per day. Inviting me to hire a voiceover artists, graphic designers, musicians etc. Also, by reading the official Fiverr blog, I see that they do invest on (their & our) promotion a lot.

I think one of the reasons why it is recommended to sellers to bring potential customers here, is that there are millions of Gigs now so whatever Fiverr may do for you, you are still one out of thousands Sellers. I believe that bringing to your Gigs here your own list of clients, will help.


Reply to @km0000: That’s right, it’s my choice. So why are you here going on and on justifying YOUR choice? You gave your speech, you don’t want to be on Fiverr, so why are still here?


I promote to bring attention to what I have to offer. My main outlets are Twitter and Pinterest. A single dollar taken away is nothing compared to some other sites that take things off the top.

Besides this is one of the outlets that I use to generate income.


I’m new, and am interested in promoting my editing and copywriting business as well. Does it cost us anything outside the commission? When I first signed up, I thought there might be an additional fee for that. Can we promote more than one business?

Thank yoU!



To me the big win with Fiverr is that you are guaranteed payment.

Yes, you can go solo with Craigslist, but then you enter the realms of issuing invoices and chasing payment.

20% sounds a lot, but it removes a lot of the headaches normally suffered by freelancers.


For me with Fiverr there is less consultation before the order and no invoice, billing or collection after. It makes micro jobs practical. I have local audio edits I do in my town and the same $5 order literal cost me $45.00 in extra time.

Fiverr has it stream lined and also provides incredible traffic.

If you feel like it cost you more, build it into the fiverr gig cost. If you only want the Fiverr traffic, don’t promote it outside of Fiverr.

Theoretically if you are getting more traffic on Fiverr, your prices should be higher, not the same or lower. This could offset the 20% or may even make the Fiverr gig more profitable.


20% for design, support, transaction costs, portfolio hosting, ratings & reviews, & more. Well worth the cost to bring an outside client. The only service you have to charge $5 for is your basic service. After that, you can set the cost to whatever you want really, especially with the custom order feature. Throw an extra 20% on there and get yours or leave it be and tell people that it’s a discounted price exclusively on Fiverr. You can literally use the fiverr platform without having your own website or pay merchant.

However, if you want to do it on your own, you’re going to pay that cost anyway, in either time or money for a website, designing it, making it e-commerce capable, using a web e-merchant for your payments which is about 3-5% on average, keep posting your own reviews from ALL of your clients, and constantly update your website with your work and stay on it day in and day out otherwise you lose your Google rankings and traffic…

Your choice is fine, my choice is Fiverr.

DTong (TRS)