Why wtill not getting orders?


i`ve sent oggers but still not getting response… :frowning:


Sometimes you have to wait longer, other times the gig had been given out already.
Its not possible to bag every gig from the job offers.

Some friendly advice, the “666” in your nickname could have odd connotations to some clients, taking into account how it has been used in certain societies. Me myself I don’t care for it much to be honest, but no doubt some people might feel different.

I think its best to have a nickname that is as neutral as it gets especially when handling jobs in certain fields.
It just looks a bit more professional in my opinion.


Well, actually buyers have the full right to choose someone so probably someone has already been assigned that task you can try harder and be patient :slight_smile:


@render_worx you want to say that i remove my nickname??


@saifalipro thank you so much :wink:


No, only giving some friendly advice and how I view certain issues.


The main Reason hides into your own proposal, As Buyers/Clients get attraction from it. If you just wrote " I can do" then, how client gets to know about your experience. Next time when you will send an offer, Explain it well, what you can do, what you did ? and your experience most important include it also. Thanks.


thanks a lot i will remove my nick name


@graphicstore7 how you removed nickname?


Thanks you very much boy


Calling strangers and/or clients boy or dear might actually be a reason for not getting a gig.