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Why you as a seller, reserve the right to cancel the order anytime

Yes you read it right, we are not Fiverr employees nor work for Fiverr, Fiverr is just a platform, If I feel any slight of passive agreesion on a buyer side I would directly cancel the order ,I don’t care if its 100$,500$ or a 1000$ I always cancel the order if the buyer is beeing pushy and passive agressive towards me , and guess what ? they refuse to cancel because they know no one will do their work as good as I did to them , see , I am now sleep deprived to finsih the buyers work at 5 a.m , and he sends me this messages,maybe I am being emotional, but I think because 99% of my buyers are so nice to me, I have zero tolerance to such 1% of these buyers,I don’t care about gig ranking nor level loss, I just gained my level 2 seller today and I don’t care if I lose it for the 100th time ,I prefer not to get some kind of tachycardia because of the stress then agree with such buyers, Good night. (PS : ofcs I don’t leave him hanging, I send all clients of this kind all project files so they won’t start from scratch)

Congrats on your level Two achievement (for the 99th time).

As long as it wasn’t part of the discussion as an agreement to making the order, you are right here.