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Why you choose your current username in Fiverr?

Do you regret choosing - your current- username on Fiverr or not? and if yes tell us why.

*My name in Fiverr as you see is “Alone4ever” but do I regret choosing it?
Well to be honest sometimes I do, and others I don’t because a lot of people texted me asking why your username is like that when I was new in Fiverr and that was good as a start to contact other buyers and sellers also.
However I guess a lot of people when they see my username they felt unconsciously unsafe or annoyed of my username I mean as psychological side which is a negative thing.

“Because words are more than alphabets”.


True, “alone forever” doesn’t come across as something happy, but personally I won’t avoid you for that reason as long as your gigs seems decent.
If your name was something like “serialkiller” or “lovelovep0rn” well, OK, I might avoid you!!

I chose my name since it’s my real life nickname and my friends and coworkers call me Zeus.
A lot of people here think I’m a guy because of that, but no regrets. :slight_smile:


Yeah I totally agree with that usernames I would avoid them too for sure! maybe “serialkiller” I wouldn’t.
I guess that Fiverr don’t accept all kind of usernames? I’m wondering actually :thinking:
However I like your username! every time I see or hear “zeus” I remember the Greek god.

I just decided to use my own name. Can’t go wrong with that imo :slight_smile:


Yeah, I guess a lot of members use their own name as username which is better in many aspects in my opinion.

I just picked my username randomly. :wink: The “digi” comes from “digital” and the “pix” comes from “pixels”. Should’ve just shorten it to “digipix” since it takes too much characters in a message. :laughing:


I like how you picked your username!
Creative story behind it :smile:

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The only username I can remember is this :stuck_out_tongue:

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I tried a couple of usernames that I really liked but they all were already taken. So, I wrote a random username. Do I regret it? Yes, I do.

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You remind me when I used to use the same username for all my accounts in many websites :sweat_smile: that was easy just write the same username.
Any specific meaning for your username?

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If you would have the chance to change it someday, you would change it? and for what?

Yes, I would change it.

To what? if you want to share it.

No, I don’t want to share that one.

Okay, do what make you comfortable.

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My first name + the first letter of my surname.

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it is not theory ,
put your real name and your real photo

It’s so obvious in your username and profile picture, anyway you misunderstand what I mean.

You have a nice name!

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I set up as a buyer only, so didn’t bother much with my username. If I had my time again, I’d use something more relevant to my business.