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Why you do that?

Thank you Fiverr, have been here for 7 years, and now you kill me


Why is that? what’s wrong man?

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Maybe OP got warned or lost his level.


Yes I checked his profile and he has last his level, that is very unfortunate. The most common reason is buyer cancellation. Some buyers wouldn’t accept any resolutions but just want to cancel. Some place order and then immediately want to cancel making unreasonable excuses like ordered by mistake when there are several steps before confirming an order.


This is about the response rate, but I don’t have any message inbox, but my rating still going down

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Did you contact fiverr support? If that’s a bug from spam messages they can reset it


This may be helpful to you:

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Yes, I have, but I don’t have any message inbox

I wish for your survival…

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What ever it is, is not right, two months ago I had level 2, and nothing to do with the orders. For the past 6 months I have not received any order. I have been here on Fiverr for more then 7 years, and have had many satisfied customers. My Gig with 761 likes just stop working one day, why is that?

The response rate in Analytics page indicates that
Respond to 90% of the inquiries you received in the last 60 days

That might have resulted in the level drops and also the gigs might not be displayed on search results.
If no messages were received then it could be some technical issue with your profile. Best to contact fiverr customer support with screenshots.

Have you checked spam?

The FAQ Page mentions

Spam and Solicitations: You do not have to reply to spam and solicitations in your inbox. As long as you report the message as spam, it will not count against you.

So if the spam messages weren’t reported then it surely have resulted into response rate decrease.

What did they say? Did you ask them to point out on exact message?

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Thank you, the places an unlimited in our world, just can’t accept injustice, when I have made many thousands for the company, and what now. …

@nickyfin sorry to hear about your problems, man. These new metrics really suck.

My only order this month was a buyer who ordered something from me which was stated on the page as not being sold and I had to cancel that, so I’ll probably be joining the demotion club alongside you real soon.


I don’t have any messages

Its some technical issue or a bug on affecting your profile, at times the dashboard would still show completed orders and the Fiverr Customer Support used to refresh/reset the dashboard for solution. I think they can only help in this case.

No, they say that I don’t have any problem

I’s about an honor, not just the benefits of being here on Fiverr. I have ofline, and online business, and have done that for over 35 years