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Why you do that?

You could ask you to show you the messages from the last 60 days that you haven’t replied to within 24 hours and that have caused the response rate decrease.

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If they say there are no messages from the last 60 days that you haven’t responded to or (or marked as spam or auto-marked as spam) within 24 hours you could ask them to run a fix on your account to recalculate the response rate.

If it’s a bug you could also ask them to forward it to the the developers so, if fixed, the issue won’t reoccur.

I had the same problem with the response rate, I contacted the customer support and they solved the problem.
Those days fiverr team make some changes in the website, it is only a simple bug.

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Well I will be banned from the forum, but remember that could happened to any of us. We gave many years for the company, and what we get on the end


No Nicky, there’s no such thing as getting banned on the forum due to low Response Rate. :wink:

Do as you were advised. Try CS’s help you finding out what’s happening and asking them to please restore your RR.


Thank you, I will do that

This must be a bug @nickyfin.

Contact CS with some screenshots of your inbox.

I also had this kind of problem, when a spammer contact me, Fiverr usually show an alert about it. So, I could leave those messages without responding. But when it’s come to my mobile app, if I am not responding to those spam messages when I am on my mobile phone, next day my response rate drops. Your problem is the same kind of thing.

However, you just need to keep responding to your messages for next 60 days and you will level up again.

Good luck!

Thank you for your advice, but I don’t have any message inbox

The answer from Fiverr "Hello again Nicky,

I double checked your Gigs and everything looks fine with them, they are active and searchable.

I gave you some recommendations in the previous ticket on how you can promote your gigs and in order to start getting orders again.

I completely understand your situation and I would feel the same way :confused: but rest assured that from our side everything is fine with your Gigs."

But were you asking about your gigs or the inbox messages? Maybe support agent had difficulty to understand you? The answer seems irrelevant to your original question.

Can you show us the message that you sent to them? Do you need any help with how to word your reply to the support?


I have been here for 7 years, well and I do some English. Check my profile

You are very nice, but that could happened to any of us

Thank you for that, but the problem is dipper

That wasn’t an intention of my post.

We are all trying to offer you as much help as we can and It did look like you ignored couple of good advises and questions at the beginning replying the same thing on different questions.

as I mentioned before it would’ve helped to see your message that you sent to them.
Did you ask them to show exact messages that you didn’t reply? (Also as many of us advised)

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Thank you Maria, for your quick response, but how ever I don’t trust of any of these companies. I was from the beginning on Google, we made Google with our money, so what, we can make many Fiverr’s as well. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU! .

Can you show us the message you got from support?

You say you don’t have any inbox. Did you say that to support? Is your messaging working?

It says on your profile your average response is 12 hours. It sounds like you may have a bug in your message inbox.

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Man try to contact with CS. I think this is bug and they will resolve it. Don"t worry about it.

Did you sent that screenshot to customer support so they can see what the problem is? They like to see screenshots.

Yes, I have done so, we’ll we are to old to work here. …

I’d check which option you selected in the support ticket. Maybe you selected something like “my gig doesn’t appear in search”, maybe because they don’t have an “other” reason that can be selected for reasons not listed. I’d reply to CS and say exactly what the issue is, that this particular problem (unless you also wanted to talk about a problem with your gigs) is about your response rate decreasing when it shouldn’t have (eg. mention the things we’ve already discussed in this thread, like that you have responded to every message received in the last 60 days within 24 hours and if required ask them to show you any didn’t respond to within that time but should have, ie. that weren’t flagged/auto-flagged as spam).

eg. I think when I contacted them about the bug in the response rate I mentioned (eg. apologised that) I had to select an option in the support ticket that wasn’t really relevant, because there was no relevant option and no “other” option in the list of reasons.