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Why you joined fiverr?

Hello Dear Buyers !

Where you heard about fiverr and why you joined Fiverr?

it will help to new sellers for attract the buyers from outside fiverr. :slight_smile:

It gives us opportunities to grow and earn… Fiverr is the one of the freelance site where if you work hard and have skills then you will definetly going to earn…

I heard about the service from a business colleague. He tried and was very pleased with the service. I often have a need for designs and just don’t have the time to do them all. I love to offer the business to more experienced designers who can do great work at a great price and in a short time.
I have used service once so far and am very pleased.

Heard through word of mouth.
Originally joined to sell, then didn’t have time to work here, then purchased several gigs, and just recently created 13 gigs and am working as hard as I can to be successful here.

Because fiverr cheap and quality is not less good with competitors freelance website.

If there is a call fiverr expensive, it means that their country has a low economic level

Be cautious of who you select. I have had good experiences and one extremely bad experience that cost me 340.00 for something completely unusable from L******r. I would not recommend her services even though Fiverr will not allow me to change the star rating. I am now having to find other media to voice my complaint. Very disappointed!

You can change your rating within 3 days. Simply open the order scroll down to the rating, hover over your rating and you will see an “edit” option.

You can also contact customer support if you wish to talk about your concerns.

340 is a great value. You should not polite over $ 50.
To avoid fires