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Why? You may respond to this review (This will be public)


Hi Fiverr’ss
I’m going to regret asking this i’m sure. This new blind review box after you have sent a review and visa vi.
Is this like Ebay’s feedback. What on earth is the point of this,? and is it perpetual?. Why do we need this ?
Are they trying to turn the review system into a WWF death match.

Yes I have read how it works but it seems infantile.


Why? Let’s say client A sent you a message asking you for a custom order, and you said okay. After starting work, it turned out the buyer was abusive and asked for endless nitpicky revisions and wasted your time. You could cancel, but let’s say you really don’t want to.

You complete the job. You do the work. Everything is fine and dandy. The buyer is finally happy.

Only they leave a 1-star review saying how awful you are.

Now you can say ‘This guy contacted me for a custom order, didn’t listen to me, and is basically the worst.’ and everyone else can see it on their profile page!


I can see your point but why not just abolish the blind review system all together and then there would be no need for sniping


The aim is to ensure people leave honest reviews for buyers which now show on their profile, not yours.
The reply option is something that allows a seller respond to any kind of feedback which is extremely important to other buyers in their decision making process.


In seven recent orders only two have left reviews. That’s unusual for me. I’m not sure why this is happening and can’t ask them why they didn’t, or otherwise mention it to get a handle on it.

Before all the changes to the review process it was about 70% left them.


My thought is, if you don’t like the new option to leave a second feedback, don’t use it. I don’t see a problem with it’s existence for those who want to use it. Some may find it helpful, some may hurt themselves by leaving wording they will regret, and some may not use it. I don’t hate it any more than I hated the blind review system without it.


We are still leaving a blind review for them on their profiles which I find might hurt things as far as repeat sales from the person who might not want his profile to show his sellers he purchased from or got multiple orders from. I’ve had regular buyers who probably won’t be coming back once they see all the comments from me on their profiles. I would think some would be pretty embarrassed by it.

It’s just a guess but it might be why they stopped leaving reviews. The names of the sellers should be X’d out for privacy.


Since the seller reviews for buyers started appearing on the buyer’s profile, I have not had one review. My review, the rate was 86% before this went into effect.


This was easy to see coming. I certainly don’t want my purchases to show up on my profile and I don’t even buy anything embarrassing. It makes me not want to buy anything. I like privacy.

Especially on my profile where potential clients look to see if they want to buy my gigs. I don’t want them seeing the sellers I’ve purchased from and getting side tracked by that.

I had purchased some gigs from a seller in my own category and that would be something I definitely am super happy about, that it does not show on my profile. What if I purchased something from a very competitive seller in my category who decided to leave a vicious harmful review of me as a buyer? I can’t see that happening really but it could.


I’m getting about the same effect.


Yup, I kinda worried about this too.


i just hit my first 100 5* reviews today (whoop-whoop)
would have happened a lot sooner had it not been for the
new review system.:worried: