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Why You Need High-Quality Audio For Your Projects!

Let us look at this instance, Imagine you went to a cinema to see a movie, immediately after reading nice reviews about it, only to find out that the video quality is the same as that gotten from using a phone camera from way back would produce. You will surely be disappointed, to say the least.
So we should have the same mentality around our audio projects also (podcasts, song, audio books, e.t.c).

One of my biggest turn-offs, when I listen to the new audio, is the quality of the audio. Within the first few seconds, it’s possible to tell that the audio has been recorded badly and the post-production also went wrong, and if so then I’m out, and it is not because I have a higher expectation as I have worked on a lot of audio projects and worked with others. it’s because quality audio reveals that the recording and post-production were done diligently and should be taken seriously.

Let me take you through why high-quality audio is important and how I can help you achieve it with whatever audio project you have at hand.

Why is Audio Quality Important?

listen to the best songs on your device, What do they all have in common? I bet they all sound like they’ve been recorded well with a consistent standard in audio quality. Vocals are clear and without distractions, sound effects might be tastefully used, and the audio is synchronized properly.

High-quality audio doesn’t distract you from the content of whatever you are listening too, it welcomes you in and thus you’re able to enjoy listening, learning, or being entertained.

How can we achieve high-quality audio

You might think that achieving a high-quality audio starts with recording. You’d almost be right. Before you even press record, it’s important to make sure the environment you record it, is as controlled as possible. This is the first thing you should do.
After recording comes what is often the most time-consuming part of the process, which is editing, mixing and finally mastering the final project.

You probably get frustrated hearing hedging, pauses for thought, or sentence restarts when you listen to your recordings, and your audience will likely be the same too. Mixing an audio for the optimal result can be time-consuming and arduous, but Hey I’m Charles Dike and I understand how you’re feeling. Most of my friends/clients felt the same way not long ago but after I was done with the post-production(editing, mixing and mastering) they were all happy and their audience also.

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Remember, high-quality audio shouldn’t be something to strive towards, it should be the standard. It’s a sign that you take your project seriously, so your listeners should too.


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