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Why you need to make yourself stand out as a new seller


I see a lot of posts on the forum recently suggesting that buyers should give new sellers a chance.

My question to all of you is, why on Earth should they?

Unfortunately for you, as a new seller your profile and gig descriptions have to be at least as enticing and convincing to a buyer as a seller who’s been on Fiverr for years and tweaked and teased at their profile and gigs every other month, if not better.

It’s not enough to tell buyers what you do and wait for the orders, and you can’t ask them nicely to order from you, so you have to show them that you’re good at what you do and that their money will be safe with you. Your profile and gig pages have to shout out from the page, “I’M FRIGGING AWESOME. THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD ORDER FROM ME EVEN THOUGH I’M NEW…” Please don’t use those exact words.

The only tool not available to you that is available to established sellers is that you don’t have any reviews for buyers to go on. You have every other tool that every one else has. In fact you have an added advantage in that Fiverr’s search engine favours new gigs. Do all the things the academy and forum tell you to do: Get ideas from other popular gigs (DON’T copy them), make great videos, write great gig descriptions, attach great images, add a PDF of examples of your work. If you can’t do that yourself, or your English isn’t that great, pay someone to do it for you. If you’re serious about making Fiverr work for you (or any business for that matter) initial capital investment is almost always necessary and it’s not wasted if it gets you customers.

New sellers on Fiverr get sales all the time, every day. If you’re not getting sales that’s down to you and only you can change that.


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I think as experienced sellers, we have the ability to help new sellers. Some people have talent, just not the language skills to express that talent. Lets have a community where we help lift each other up.


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Nice post! Usually new sellers fail to sell a gig because they only think about their needs (to sell something) but don`t think about the buyers needs.
Why should someone buy you something just because you need that money?


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A bit of advice - you need to change your profile picture. That’s clearly not you. If you don’t want to use a picture of you, use a caricature or logo. Also, what is heapost or heapest?


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New sellers atleast must have proper communication skills, in start, you will not get orders directly from search, you have to get order from buyers request section, but again, you must have good communications skills so that the buyer can hire you regardless of zero reviews on your profile!