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Why you should learn new skills today!

Hello everyone, I’m back with a new tip to help everyone succeed as a freelancer. I have observed that most freelancers learn one skill and stick to it which is not really too good in today’s world where competition is so high, you can easily get lost in the ocean of experts which exist in your own field.
Gone are the days when airplane pilots are rare gems and seen as special people. These days pilots are a dime a dozen, it’s becoming difficult for new pilots to secure jobs. Same thing with other profession. Unless you’re an “Elon Musk”, it’s really hard to stand out as an industry leader. You get my point? Now what I’m saying is that it’s important to learn new skills and expand your horizon and scope of influence. For instance, you’re an article writer and you are doing great as a writer. Fantastic, but nothing stops you from learning graphic design or photoshop editing. You can easily learn these new skills and get more jobs with this new skills as well.

I spoke a freelancer and she told me that some clients prefer a freelancer who does only one thing at a time than those who offer different services at the same time. I laughed and asked her, how does learning a new skill take away your knowledge of the old one? Then she understood what I meant. You don’t have to be redundant just because you want to impress few people. Big clients and companies want you to keep improving on your skills while getting better at them instead of remaining redundant.

Fiverr for instance doesn’t support creating multiple accounts so you have to create all your gigs using one profile. Will you create 10 gigs on article writing alone? Sounds funny to me but it will make more sense if you added few other skills you’ve already acquired over time.

These skills are essential not only for your freelance jobs but in the real world so learn a new skill today!


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