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Why You Should Learn To Craft Your Description Like A Copywriter!

Every business needs three major thing to succeed.

Attention Grabbing
Customer negotiation
Deal Agreement

This three major thing is all you need to gain more customer and also make some money for yourself.

Will be elaborating more on this write-up.

Thank you for reading.

Here Are 10 Waypaths In What Which You May And Can Be Less Boring Than Your Mom and Dad On A Picnic!

  1. I give up, egg sandwich?

Most people aren’t copywriters, but you can hire a copywriter to write your gig description. Why not? I’ve hired art directors to do most of my gig images.


I understand where you’re coming from, there’s more to that content. I should have added more content to it. That’s boring for real, will come up with more content soon.

oh! really? Thanks for sharing!

Thats mean, Emmaki. I didn’t find it boring.

It certainly wasn’t updated… and as it stands right now, it’s hardly tips or informative. If someone’s going to post tips, they would be better off doing the whole thing in Word until it’s perfect then adding it to the forum then.

But I’m just old fashioned.

Just like-
Teacher: Where’s your homework.
Student: On the copy Sir.
Teacher: These are just the questions, where are answers?
Student: I will write it tomorrow.