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Why you SHOULD NOT get the Fiverr Revenue Card!

Hey everyone,

I’ve just done some research into the Fiverr revenue card and if you are considering using this withdrawal method I would advise you to think twice. If you click onto the ‘fee table’ link when you inquire about signing up for this card a whole host of fees are involved in the process!

They include…

$5 fee just to get the card activated

$1 every time you put any money you have made from Fiverr onto it (will take 2 days to go onto card)

$5 loading fee if you want your money from your Fiverr account to your card in 2 hours.

REMEMBER - PayPal transfers from Fiverr to PayPal are instant and PayPal withdraws to your bank account can be instant to 2 hours. - Just a reminder!

If you don’t use your card but you have money loaded on it for 30 days they will take $3…

If you want to replace the card it will set you back $12.95

$3.15 just to withdraw your money (e.g. ATM)

And my personal favorite for the worst fee of the lot is they will charge you $1 just to tell you how much you have on your Fiverr card!

But don’t worry! If you purchase anything with it it’s free - And so it should be after all of these fees!

Just a quick message to make people think twice about getting the card. I have nothing against Mastercard or Fiverr as I do think it’s a good idea (at least it would be without all these feels however its Mastercard charging all of this NOT

Hope this helped anybody make a decision and I’d love to know your thoughts on the card too!

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While I completely agree that the fees are relatively high, I think the card is mainly used by sellers who aren’t able to access Paypal in their country. In that sense, Payoneer is a God-send. :slight_smile:


I use my Payoneer card all the time and love it. I use both Pay-Pal and PAyoneer actually. The fees aren’t actually that bad if you use it properly. You’ve also skewed some of the numbers and made them worse than they are.

I should also add that even Pay-Pal charges a fee. Ya. It’s not as high as the card, but you also have to wait 5-7 business days (Here in Canada). If you transfer money on say… A saturday, then you’re actually waiting 9-10 days to get your money onto Pay-Pal. That’s a long wait. And, you’re still paying fees. Fees to transfer it over and more fees to put it into your bank.

If you use your Payoneer card properly it’s not so bad.

  • Don’t use Immediate load. That’s a killer. 5 bucks.
  • Don’t use ATM’s. But it’s not $3.15. It’s a percentage of your withdraw up to a certain amount.

    Use it properly. And and minimize your fees. Only withdraw when you reach a certain amount of money. The more the better. And then only withdraw using the 2 day option. Then it only costs $1.00 which can be less than Pay-Pal after you pay the Pay-Pal fees and then the fees to transfer it to a bank account. And, like I said, you also wait up to 9-10 days.

  • And it doesn’t cost a buck to look at your balance. Not if you do it online. You log in online and look and it’s free *

    The Payoneer card is great if:

  • You want to buy stuff online with a credit card. There are no fees to do this.
  • You want a card you can use in the store to buy stuff, like you would on a normal credit card. There are no fees for this either.

    But… if you need actual cash right away then ya. You pay 5 bucks but it’s cash, in your hand. Sometimes cash is good. You can’t do that with Pay-Pal.

    I can transfer money from Fiverr and can usually take it out of my bank machine within 10 minutes. That’s a plus.

    Like I said. I withdraw from my Payoneer when I get a 400 dollar balance. It costs me about $4.35 for $400 bucks. And I just use my card like a credit card. That’s not that bad.

    Like I said. It’s how you use it.

    Oh, and you don’t get charged a monthly fee if you use your card at least once a month.

This was an interesting post… until you felt the need to promote yourself. Smh.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: I guess it depends entirely on where you’re from. I’m from the UK, and Paypal withdrawals are instant, and then withdrawing funds from my Paypal to my bank are instant. The maximum I’ll ever pay for this privilege is $1 (capped at $1, and the fee is less if withdrawing less than $50).

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Well, I am from Singapore and withdraw above S$200 from PP will not be charged any fee.


I don’t prefer the Fiverr Card because it requires way too much personal information to open an account. I am still reeling from the Target hack. You have now given me more reasons to dislike it. I do not charge usury fees for my gigs and I don’t expect to have to pay them to an agent of Fiverr’s for a basic monetary service.

Reply to @mrproofreading: Yes, that’s true. The card is very common in these countries :slight_smile:

Reply to @bigbadbilly: Some great points here billy! I do see where you’re coming from! And in your situation I suppose the card is handy - Especially if you are using large amounts!

Reply to @alliemadison12: I’m sorry you felt this way:-) I simply thought that if anybody was interested I would let people know. Nothing forced just a suggestion, thanks for the comment.

Reply to @vince007: In a country like Singapore I believe the card can be a great option!

Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

Reply to @pearlsant: That’s another con of the card yes. I think from these comments I can see that in some countries and in some situations there can be pro’s to the card but for me and you the cons by far out weigh the pros!

I Appreciate the comment!

@pearlsant - You can’t escape user fees. If there was no fees there would be no business. How do you think they make money? Even banks charge fees. Fees for this and that. Hell, you need to pay a monthly service fee just to have a bank account. For me it’s $19.96 every month. Just to have an active bank account! It’s ridiculous… but it’s the way of the world.

And as a seller you DO charge user fees. It’s included in your gig. The $4 bucks you make off each sale could be said to also contain your fees for providing the service.

See my point?

There’s no question the Fiverr card is good for some and not others. And yes. The fees can get pretty high.

But if you manage it properly it’s not that bad. And the perks (Such as buying things with a Credit card, or the ability to have cash almost right away, in your hand) make it in some ways better than Pay-Pal. Buy a video game online? Pay-Pal is no good. But a credit card works. See my point?

Just manage it properly and it’s not so bad. And, the “Higher Fee” stuff such as immediate transfer is your choice. You don’t have to do it. And you don’t have to pay the huge fees.

bigbadbilly said: But if you manage it properly it's not that bad. And the perks (Such as buying things with a Credit card, or the ability to have cash almost right away, in your hand) make it in some ways better than Pay-Pal. Buy a video game online? Pay-Pal is no good. But a credit card works. See my point?

Doesn't PayPal have a prepaid card with a Master Card logo? What is really reprehensible about the fiverr card is its requirement that applicant's submit their social security number, date of birth, home address, mother's maiden name, and any other information that makes you a legal entity... Should this information get hacked, you are screwed, 9 ways to Sunday and you might as well monitor your credit reports monthly for the rest of your life to prevent your information from being misused. I rarely give ALL of my identifying information to anyone in the private sector if it is not absolutely necessary. Some people have no other option but the fiverr card. They've got to use this card to get paid. I am fortunate that I do not.

@pearlsant - No. Pay Pal doesn’t have a card. At least not here in Canada. I think they are trying something, but it’s not here yet.

And what’s this about information? I never had to give any information for my Payoneer card. Just my name and address to send the card. I never gave my social insurance number, date of birth or anything like that. I leterally gave my name, my address and my E-Mail address for my Fiverr card. That’s it.

Reply to @bigbadbilly:

Apparently, Payoneer has different policies for different countries… In the States, we are required to give the information that I mentioned and PayPal offers prepaid cards with a MC endorsement here.

Hi guys,

I am kinda new to fiverr. I am a bit confused. Does fiverr has it’s own card rather than a Payoneer Mastercard? I am confused about the above charge.

I only know the two payment methods, writing below:

  1. PayPal
  2. Fiver Revenue Card - by which I mean the Payoneer Master Card.
  3. Bank Transfer which is also Payoneer.

I am seeing some pictures on google that some mastercards have fiverr logo on it. Which I meant fiverr’s own card here. Rather than the card provided by Payoneer itself when you sign up for Payoneer.

Are there any cards which have fiverr logo on it? or these are hoax?


No, it’s Payoneer Mastercard.

I think that you can get them if you apply for the Payoneer card through Fiverr, but I’m not sure about it.

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You said it all. Both payment platforms have unfavorable, undesirable policies. Paypal is worse for me because when my payments go to them, I cannot cash it. I can only spend it online. Such unreasonable ill-informed policy. And they see nothing wrong with it!

Like it was said above if you manage the payoneer card right the fees wont be that high. Usually on bigger transactions you have the very same fee as on payoneer. Paypal should be used if you want to withdraw smaller amounts, while payoneer is better for larger amounts.

In my country there isn’t an option to use paypal for receiving payments, it can be used only for paying online.

My opinion is that you can use the fiverr revenue card because it’s awesome. I have made transactions in a few countries, I pay online, I pay in the stores, It helps me a lot.

What I would recommend is try to avoid ATM withdrawals as the fees are high, but about using it for any other transaction, the card is really helpful.