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Why you should not join Fiverr?


Recently I worked on a project, I pointed out their 6 domains on one hosting. Installed & Setup WordPress, theme, and designed their entire website as per his requirements.

And I didn’t even take much money for this project. I am not worried about money I love to do work for my passion.

Now, I finished their work with honesty and delivered to him.

One more thing to notice is that the customer did not give me an instant response within 1 hour or 2 hours, they take 8 hours or 9 hours for any response.

When I delivered their work, now they said to do more work. I said that dear Sir, I have already done their entire work. Please write your valuable feedback. I would heartily appreciate your corporation.

Now, The client gave me one star me rating for my experiences and said that I threatened to force for rating

I tried to understand to the client, I said that if you are not happy with my service, Please cancel your order and modify your review. Yes. Customer satisfaction is my first priority. The client did not agree to modify the review.

Now, I went to Fiverr support and said that please help me regarding to modify the feedback and said also if the client has not satisfied with my work please cancel the order.

Fiverr customer cancelled their project and refunded their money also.

I tried many time contact with Fiverr customer, I wrote, you can cancel someone project and refund money but cannot modify the feedback.

After that Fiverr Customer did not respond to me anymore.

Yes. I can say that Fiverr is only supported for Buyers. They are not supported for honest sellers.

Yes. from their one rating I hurt very much and want to left fiverr.


The perils of working with people all around the world who aren’t in the same time zone as you perhaps?

It happens - if this is what was at the root of your problem, maybe you should build in more time to your gigs to allow for messaging to and from the buyer if more information is required after the initial requirements are submitted?


Dear, I had waited for 3 tonight and Yes. I also sent him resolution to modify the feedback . But didn’t agree to understand.


I don’t know what that means I’m afraid.

Deleted this part because OP changed their post - makes no sense now.


Every website out there on these nets has its pros and cons. Fiverr is no different!

Besides, if a Buyer is asking for extra work outside the scope of the gig. Simply, send a custom gig extra instead of working for FREE. You cannot force a Buyer to change his/her review, they are not obligated to leave reviews it’s at the Buyers sole discretion if they want to or not.

Another thing… Tightened up on your descriptions and utilize the FAQ section to make things abundantly clear.


As per his requirements, I had done all their works.


I am not talking about pro and cons, Why Fiverr Customer is not improving their service. They can cancel my gig and refund money and could not able to response anymore.


Your post title shows Why you should not join Fiverr?
You could’ve handled this situation better. Chalk it up to a lesson learned!

You just opened the :door: for the Buyer to cancel, therefore the Buyer took you up on your offer. It didn’t do you any good by pressing him/her to modify their review. This obviously rubbed the Buyer the wrong way. The Buyer didn’t want to waste any more time – so they went to CS.

I see you’ve edited your post, so I’ll save this here just-in-case.


Looking at the feedback he left, I don’t think he’d want to change it.

So they did exactly what you asked!

Looking at what you’ve sent the buyer and CS, I’d say there have been a few communication problems. As an example:

That makes no sense I’m afraid - corporation and co-operation are very different things.


Why are you taking Fiverr side?


I’m not - I’m trying to see it from everything you’ve said, and the feedback left by the buyer. You’re the one blaming Fiverr, but it seems they actually had little to do with it.


If you thought so you can review my enire message


Thank you, but no, I’m sure you’ll be fine whether you open a new account, stick with this one or close it.

Good luck! :sunny:


That’s why I opened a new thread about Fiverr.


You told support that if the client was not happy then cancel the order. So they did.
Nothing else you said is relevant.


Exactly. Upset because people are doing what was asked of them. Insane.


I hope you don’t let this negative situation stain the rest of what could be a very positive and beneficial experience for you as a fiverr seller.


That’s a particularly damning review.

It seems, as others have pointed out, that you instructed CS to cancel the order if the buyer was unhappy with what you produced… which they did.

Learn from this.


Why Fiverr customer does not talk to in favour of the seller, why always talk in favour of the buyer.


By creating this thread, you are inviting people to comment and share their views. It may be frustrating that people aren’t taking your side, but a lot of the sellers here have given you great feedback and explained how you could have handled the situation differently. You could learn and improve by listening to others.
You can’t put something out into the world for people to make a judgment and then be surprised when people make a judgment you don’t like.