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Why you should Treat Fiverr as an Active Business and Not a Passive Income

Hello Guys, been some time I’ve posted here.
I’ve been very busy building my fiverr empire and am very grateful to GOD and my awesome Premium Fiverr Clients for their kindness, patience and understanding with me.

Okay, let’s get down to business…

For a very long time, I’ve heard of Fiverr and how people succeed or get frustrated on this website. I’ve seen blog posts from professionals where they advise people to come to fiverr if they are looking for “CHEAP” and “OKAY” sellers who can do some minor stuff for them.

Most of these people do warn their blog audience to be careful and usually make people think that fiverr is only meant for Fiver Dollar jobs and nothing more!

I’ve had quite a few arguments on my gig with buyers who insists that I should do $50-$100 worth of job for $5, because the website is called $5!

So, it won’t be surprising when prospective sellers also come here with this $5 mentality and believe they do not have to be serious with their fiverr business… Well, The GAME has been UPGRADED for 2 years now!

Never approach fiverr with a $5 mentality anymore! When I just came in, I was a pro at using CorelDraw for Graphics design, Then I realized that will not fetch me any reasonable sales and it took me 2 months to teach myself how to use Photoshop professionally!

After another 8 months, I realized am losing a lot of clients because I cannot deliver their work in Adobe Illustrator format… I had to take another 1 month to learn Illustrator! :smiley:

So, if you see people succeeding here on fiverr, its not because they are “JUST LUCKY”, its mainly because they know what they were doing and they dedicated their time and efforts to the site and always look for ways to improve their expertise and service quality.

Stop complaining about buyers giving you bad reviews, if you are a professional, you will ask the buyer to edit the review and if worse comes to to worst, you will refund that buyer!

Always make sure you are clear from the very start with your buyer… Although some buyers (like 20% of my buyers) will give you very little information from the start and then after you have agreed on a price and started working on their projects, they will start bring more work into that same project and would refuse to increase the payment they have made!

I’ve had to cancel over 25 of such obnoxious orders and it was worth it!

Bottom Line… Be professional, Learn to improve yourself daily, weekly and monthly… Also make sure you learn how to talk to your clients and Always OVER-DELIVER!


Have a Successful Fiverr Business!

Till Next time!


Nice write up! Exactly what i used to do. Luck enough I’ve not had a bad review from anyone as i try as much as possible to avoid the troublesome ones right from our conversations before they place any order. Even those who just go ahead and place order without any prior conversations, i try as much as possible to get what they want and if i see i can’t work on it; i simple cancel and refund.

I once had a buyer who kept coming back with little changes here and there even after the job was done and marked as completed. At first i kept making the changes but after a while i bluntly told him i would charge him and extra fee for changes and will continue to charge him for any change afterwards. He agreed to pay for the current change he wanted to make (which he paid) but he stopped coming back with “little changes” as he used to call it.

I agree that the game has been upgraded. You can get things for $5 on fiverr and you still can search and find very talented sellers for that amount but in general as you say you should expect to pay more for really good talented sellers.

That was a great way to make your stand known! Good job! :smiley:

of course! i didn’t say there are no talented sellers who sell for $5… I only encouraged sellers to take their jobs more seriously…to be successful on fiverr.

nice advice!..time to turn up to my fiverr business…some buyers would not even mind of reviewing your service,yet they come back for your service again without reviewing again…i think fiverr should make it compulsory in one way or the other!..thanks graphics_pro…would welcome more tips! on how to increase my gig exposure!

Thank you for the tips! I’m trying to up my game too, I’ll keep this in mind.

Just make sure you message that buyer like 5 times and give him/her the reasons why your ratings and reviews are very important to your business bro.
The buyer will understand, apologize and give you the ratings you desire!
I’ve done this countless of time before.

Awesome Post… Thanks for sharing and also keeping us motivated … Would love to see more experiences like yours of other Sellers :slight_smile:

Most of your ideas I get, but not this. Because I understand being a seller, when I buy I either leave a 5 star review or no review.

If I’m not thrilled with a purchase, most sellers modify so they usually end up with a 5 star for fixing it or getting close. Once in a while I end up with a delivery that isn’t what they promised at all. Some simply cannot do what they advertise even after revisions. I pay them but instead of leaving a review of 4 stars or even less, I just don’t leave one.

If a seller badgers me 5 times for a review, I’m going to be very unhappy. To me, one message is plenty when asking for reviews. 3 or more messages is spam to me.

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Great post, I love the part where you tried to improve your skills taking more graphics design courses. I think anybody that wants to grow his or her fiverr business should take personal professional development seriously. The more thing you know the better your experience and the better you can serve your clients here on fiverr

Not that God has anything to do with your success. Something about camels passing through the eye of a needle? Still, congrats on your success - take pride in what you do and don’t give that glory away to an imaginary friend.

I agree. Being a Fiverr seller should involve hard work and should not be treated as a passive income or get rich quick opportunity. As a seller you are obligated to your clients to do the work you promised you would do for them.

There are several things I do just in my downtime as a seller on Fiverr:

I focus on building up my skills to provide even better services be it through researching and/or reinvesting into the services we offer;
I focus on current clients and fulfilling the promises my partners and I have agreed to perform for them;
I spend time here in the Fiverr community to learn from other Fiverr sellers (more experienced and less experienced) and buyers to gain an understanding of what they expect to see from sellers in my Fiverr category;
Overall I just spend most of my free time educating and bettering myself and the level of services we offer.

I definitely treat Fiverr as a serious business and I conduct myself accordingly. I respect and appreciate those responsible for creating this great platform to allow talented and creative sellers to connect with their potential clients.

Great tips!

Why don’t you leave a review? It is best for everyone if people leave honest reviews regardless of whether they are positive or negative. I know it is difficult to leave a negative review but if you don’t then it leaves an overly positive impression of a seller who doesn’t deserve it.
If you have been fair with what you asked for, gave them a chance to make modifications and they still haven’t delivered what you want then you should leave an honest review.

thanks for the comment, it was an inspiration. :smiley:

true… true. :smiley:

yes exactly. Never stop learning. and it depends on how sellers are dealing with buyers. there are still many kid type sellers that easily agree to do work of 500 $ in 5 bucks. :frowning:

Hey man, that is exactly my approach. I know a lot of people are quick to look at the time taken when setting up, researching, communicating but I think the only thing that matters is the time that it takes to deliver an order and that comes from being good enough that you have a system that makes you time efficient

Hi, I am just 1 week old in Fiverr and I got only 1 order which was reviewed as Outstanding. But I am not getting any more orders. I also changed the gig look and upgraded it. Please suggest what to do now.