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Today i received a mail where customer support cancelled an order that a buyer rated me excellent… Somebody knows WHY???

Anyone with same experience?


Perhaps the buyer had sent messages for revisions that you didn’t see, then complained to CS when you didn’t respond? That’s the only thing I can think of, this is a bizarre situation! Good luck to you! :slight_smile:


Reply to @vainpaper: No, is not the situation, i respond each message every day in less than 5 minutes, because i have alerts in my phone… and this customer was happy with my work… the communication was instant… Thats why is very weird this


This happened to me in January. The buyer abused the PayPal dispute option and took the money back, automatically the order is canceled.

Here is my story:


Reply to @kreativa: Yes that happened to me before, but now seems different, because it says that was cancelled by “Custoomer support”, not by the buyer


The customer changed his/her mind and wasn’t happy with your work anymore. So decided to create a dispute through Paypal.

Or the customer just scammed you and created a dispute through Paypal to get the money back and keep the product.

Yes, sometimes it says “order cancelled by Customer support”, and sometimes it says “order cancelled by the buyer”.

Probably his/her account is suspended because of this. Yes, this happens sometimes and it’s frustrating to say the least.


Yes, his account is now inactive (like the other times with other buyers)

Maybe is the same situation…


And yes, is still frustrating :frowning:


Reply to @aldodel: Hmm, then it truly does seem like you were scammed by this buyer unfortunately.



It happen sometime and also happen me my order was $45 so sad for me. i contacted to support . they told me that if someone used stolen credit card or paypal fiverr CS cancel and do refund. its not good for us as seller but they are doing this make us safe…