Widening buyer request limit


I think a good idea for Fiverr would be to expand the Buyer requests limit for sellers from 10 to 15 atleast. Maybe 20, per 24 hours. Before the system resets itself and you are able to engage a fresh set of requests again.


As an alternative, it might also be wise for sellers not to rely on the Buyer Request section as their only source of sales. There’s a big world out there beyond Fiverr. Surely there are plenty of customers to find with a little good marketing and reaching out to your target market. :wink:


any tips on finding clients out side of fiverr? :slight_smile:


Sure. Who are you targeting with your services? And where do those people hang out?


For a certain chunk of your gigs, this may be true. But for a few others - buyer requests that are specifically targeted at that gig? Can be quite useful. Overall though as a mechanism, Buyer requests are kind of like putting in a job application. Just like there are no limitations to how many freelancer jobs you can apply for outside of Fiverr, there shouldn’t be a ‘10 apply’ limit for Fiverr or any platform for that matter.


I am a logo designer and my potential clients basically hangout around entrepreneurial sites, social media. But I am not sure how I am supposed to reach them since I don’t like to spam people or their communities by any means. I tried tweeting by it never worked fro me.

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Don’t spam them – most certainly not. Rather, get to know them. Participate. Become a valued member of those communities. As you do so, you will make connections that are likely to result in new leads, new customers, and more sales.

You’ve gotta put in the effort though, and no, it’s not easy. It isn’t supposed to be.


yeah! thanks mate! I am trying my personal best! I will keep you updated :slight_smile:


No - No - No! :slight_smile:
The buyers who submit requests should receive well thought out, attractive offers from people who have read their request and responded personally. Giving a higher limit will reduce the quality of offers received by buyers. Sellers need to focus on applying to only the request that they can actually win. It’s been a while since I sent offers there but last time I did, I found 2 requests (just 2) that were suitable for me to respond to - I responded and got both jobs.
Don’t waste people’s time (or you limited offers) on things you can’t do. Aim for quality responses, not quantity and you will have more success there. Also, take the time to read the requests and ignore the rubbish ones.


The 10 response limit encourages sellers to think carefully about the jobs they apply for. Without a limit, the BR section would quickly become overrun by sellers responding to everyone, sending desperate cut and paste spam to everyone, and completely destroying the entire legitimate competitive purpose of that section.

Like I said… sellers should NOT be expecting the BR section to be their only source of sales. There’s a big world of customers outside of Fiverr. Figure out how to reach out to them – just like every other business does.


It’s OK Nick you’re free to express your suggestions. Even if people agree or disagree with you that’s what this category is for.


True… in a way. But you’re never going to get rid of those types of sellers who spam people with offers totally and 100% useless to their request. Whether buyer requests are expanded or not. Spammers or really desperate sellers are always going to be around unfortunately.


I never post with the goal of searching for 100% conformity with my ideas. So no worries. :slightly_smiling_face:


What should people who are not good at socializing do?

I both online and offline don’t talk much. I like to help people who need help, but if someone has already offered a solution, then there is no need to repeat again. So I don’t post anything. My personal social media accounts are dull and rarely updated.

I think there are lot of people like me out there.shardon’t like to spam or fake just to market out services.

Really love to hear your opinion. Thanks.

Please tips me improve my community skills

i can’t get any buyer request some one please suggest me what is the problem with me


You could always hire someone to do your marketing for you.


Freelancing platforms typically limit to how many jobs you can apply for, and if you want to apply for more jobs, you have to purchase additional tokens or whatever, without a guarantee that you will actually get any of those jobs. And the limit on other platforms is often something like 60 tokens per month, and most applications cost you 2 or more tokens.


Yeah I know guru and peopleperhour operate that way. I like guru’s system better though.


I think 10 is enough but i would like to suggest a system that buyer can mark quality of the offer given by a seller. I have seen this from another platform recently that was named Bid Quality Score. This will prevent Spammy bids, Duplicates of previous bids, don’t properly address requirements in the request.