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Wikipedia Article Creating/Editing Gigs

Why Wikipedia article creating/editing Gigs are against Fiverr ToS?


Because if they weren’t people like you would be flooding Wikipedia with ill-written, shockingly ill-informed, and heavily biased articles which would undermine the point of the entire Wikipedia website.

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I’ve gone through the Fiverr ToS. But couldn’t find the ToS which describes that writing/editing Wikipedia article is not allowed.

If Fiverr had to include every specific website which sellers should refrain from trying to circumvent the terms of service of by selling articles and reviews for that site on Fiverr, you would never finish reading Fiverr’s TOS.

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So what makes you think it’s not allowed then?

I see a new seller who has a gig to write wikipedia pages for $130.

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How does writing/editing wiki articles appear like ‘selling’?

If you’re receiving money for your services, you’re selling your writing or editing skills.

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Even though they said it’s against their ToS, still there are Gigs that offers Wikipedia page creation. I think the user tricked them by re-editing the gig:

They aren’t allowed and should be reported to customer support.